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Rocking crowds in the old school Hip Hop fashion laced with call and response, bass heavy beats, and on point rhymes that turn the party out. Even if you don't like Hiphop, you will enjoy an Elemental Emcee show.


“No one is safe...” is the phrase that came to define Elemental Emcee coming up through the underground Hip Hop battle scene in Atlanta GA. Despite winning numerous battles and amassing the highest number of consecutive wins at the World Famous Mic Club, aspirations of social and political change are what drive this emcee to hone his craft as master of ceremony.

Elemental is on the pavement thinking about the government, encouraging you to be your own hero, seek humanity before profit, put the music first, and respect Hip Hop or be prepared to battle like a real emcee warrior. A musician since the age of 13, Elemental produces the majority of his own beats in his home studio. With an unmistakable Hip Hop sound you can hear the influence of Sonic Youth, Ministry, early Punk, Dub, Reggae, and 60’s protest music meshed with the golden age sound of Hip Hop.

As a result of his talent, hard work, and passion Elemental earned an opening slot on rap pioneer KRS-ONE’s 2003 fall tour. Not one to rest, Elemental along with Dropbombz label mates Ricky Raw and Cypher Linguistics released the East to West CD independently on their own label in 2004, and did a summer tour with over 22 shows in 24 days over 9 states.

Elemental Emcee delivers articulate punch lines that attack the musical and political status quo over progressive Hip Hop beats. Staying true to the culture by always performing with a DJ, Elemental turns events into a modern day Latin Quarters, reminding the listener of the power of change, and bringing back the Hip Hop mantra of peace, love, unity, and have fun. For booking information or other materials please visit www.dropbombz.com, or email bookings@dropbombz.com, or contact us by phone at 678-768-9539.


You'll never be my President

Written By: Elemental Emcee

Wake up another day, (come on) Sound of the broken drummer
We trading freedom for the gas in our Hummers
When over 58 million picked the dumbest mother fucker
We don't care about freedom cuz we’re the land of the suckers

I live what I write sometimes right and others wrong
Sometimes armies got my back and other times I walk alone
But you'll never see me bow to the man on the throne
I never support hypocrites that are corporately owned

Who start wars without reason claming freedom’s the cause
When it was just a change of tyrants who’s was knockin down doors
Our foreign policy is what rallies jihadist to war
And George W Bush is signing them up by the score

He’s coward in chief who uses fear like a terrorist
Fuzzy math, double speak, say destroy means repairing them
I declare that we hold these truths to be self evident
Yo you'll never be my President


You’ll never be my president you never have and never will
Ain’t never been in combat like soldiers you send to get killed
So get real, I’m not ever going to salute you
Unless with a middle finger, a smile and a fuck you bitch

I do this, for the people who ain’t got no hope, no dough
The opposite of the ones who fund your bank roll
The quads, the mutes, the deaf, the dead, the maimed
The ones who’ve had their houses blown away by tanks

Claims of spreading freedom but its money your after
Our foreign policy in any other language means disaster
Translated to the stock market says higher dow averages
While racist America paints other cultures as savages

Haphazardness is the motto of your administration
And 4 more years of total resistance is what your facing
So even though you were able to trick half of the nation
I bet millions of Americans are gonna join me in saying

You’ll never be my president.

Be your own Hero

Written By: Elemental Emcee

I respect many men, admire chosen few
Pioneers, revolutionaries and my crew
We're all thrown into this life that we call a struggle
And its a fight to the top to try to burst the bubble

Wanna be original? You've got to take a chance
Cuz your just biting others if your taking back
I enhance my presence to blaze a new path
Try to make real records not this cloned memor-wax

True abstract, coming to smack back these wack traps
Like I give respect for the size of your cash stack
Face the facts drop the fiction, money's an addiction
It’s not what you have its about what your

Giving. How you living? Your decisions,
Your ability to help unite or spawn divisions
Opportunity runs right by and times ticking
And how you life your life is how history is written

Be your own Hero

Survival in this world is a tough occupation
But one thing you can't stop is determination
The perspective gonna change from all different faces
So never let another determine your own greatness

Life's gonna run you through the paces
You gotta stay conditioned for these races
Because remember when your waking, your the one your facing
It’s all on you, but its all for the taking

I reach higher! Put in work so I perspire
Achieve accomplishments not a coat-tail rider
Inspired by many feel their presence in my tracks
But I hope that ya'll notice that I'm reaching for that next

So if I'm snapping necks then I got your attention
Be your own hero, to the critics don't listen
Opportunity runs right by and times ticking
And how you life your life is how history is written

Be your own hero.


Hell on your Mental, Dropbombz 2005
East to West Coast, Dropbombz.com 2004
E = Emcee (squared), Evolbeats CD 2003 (re-pressed on Dropbombz 2004)

Set List

Minimum of fifteen minutes and a maximum of one hour of original Hip Hop music mixed with live DJ’ing of Funk and Old School jams. DJ can provide up to 2 hours of mixed Hip Hop, and Old School Funk before or after the show performance.

Breakdancers are included in the performance based on location, space and scheduling.