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"Morning Rain" (Featured on Beatport's Must Hear Tracks) [EML Recordings]

She'll Miss Me / She'll Miss Me (The Remixes) [ EML Recordings]

Hit & Run [System Recordings]


BANG NINE [System Recordings]
Pure Underground Electro [EML Recordings]



For the past 4 years, Hector Galindo, also commonly known as Elementia (formerly known as The Fifth Element) Has been putting on breath taking performances in front of hundredths of electronic dance music fanatics in Southern California
The journey began on a summer day of 1997, when he first heard the sounds of Kyau & Albert, and Tiesto on a mix CD that a relative had left at his house. Not hesitating he pressed “Play” not knowing that this music would change his life forever.
After listening to Tiesto’s “Magik 1: First Flight” compilation for 6 hours straight, he was completely, utterly, and immediately hooked, and all he wanted was more In the years that followed he compiled & collected hundredths, if not thousands of CDs that contained everything from House to Trance and every subgenre in between, he liked it all. Some of his favorites were: Robin S, Daft Punk, Dj Taucher, and, of course Tiesto.
Those artists in particular caught his attention because they were very unique, innovative, and talented in their own special ways. In early 2000, 8 minutes was all it took for his life to be changed by Cass & Slide’s “Perception”, their track changed his views on life, and … his perception on life, it also made him think for the first time ever about producing his own music and performing as a Dj. As time went by the idea of becoming a Dj/Producer grew bigger and stronger in his mind. He made the final decision in 2006 after listening to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) For nearly 10 years, and attending events that played dance music, He decided to become a Trance Dj/Producer.
In the same year he researched and practiced on a DAW he was introduced too, and began producing, after several months of trial and error, he got the hang of it. After using several DAWs, he found one that he felt very comfortable using. At the same time he was in balancing school & producing, he bought a set of CDjs and began practicing his Dj skills, he caught up quickly and learned the art of beat matching.
After a few weeks of practice he was able to make smooth and clean transitions In 2009 he began mailing promo Cds of his mixes for production companies. He got great feedback from big production companies like Krave Entertainment, and Technofancy, a few days after his submissions Technofancy contacted him offering him a gig at their annual event “Murder The Dance Floor”. He agreed and performed in front of 500+ attendees. In 2010 his production got better and his Dj skills improved as well. In March he submitted his original track “Amnesia” to Audioacademy.fm And entered their “Battle Of The Djs II” contest.
It was a competition of 800 contestants competing for a guaranteed set at the OM Records party at WMC in Miami, Florida. After a month of competing, the results were published on Audioacademy.fm, and they showed that The Fifth Element (Hector) came in with 32,100 votes which out him in 11th place out of 870 competitors! In April, The founder of Audioacademy contacted Hector, asking him if he wanted to take part of their new competition called “Mano–A–Mano”, it was a one on one competition between two producers to see which track was better, Masterloops provided guitar loops for the competition. He submitted his original track “Stray Girl” and began getting votes from people who liked his track.
The battle lasted 6 days with The Fifth Element as the winner, he came in with 2,513 votes and the other contestant came in only with 300 votes. Later that same month he published his weekly podcast called “Elements Of Sound with Elementia”. It’s his weekly show that brings listeners the newest in Trance/Progressive, and exclusive guest mixes from artists all over the world. In January 2011, Hector decided to change his artist name, from The Fifth Element, to Elementia, due to copyright issues. In September of 2011, his radio show Elements Of Sound with Elementia was officially broadcasted on KCOD, his radio show consists of two hours of the newest in Trance, Progressive, House, and Electro, he invited local artists as well as international talent for interviews and guest mixes.
In early October Elementia became the newest artist added to the EML Recordings’ roster, with his forthcoming release called “Morning Rain”. After just 3 days of the track being released on Beatport.com, it topped the Top 10 Must Hear Tracks on Beatport. Overall 2011 has been a great year for Elementia, he has been spending countless amounts of hours in the studio working on tracks, which will soon be released! One thing is for sure, there is nothing stopping him, whether Elementia is performing at a club in Hollywood, or playing an event in San Bernardino, or maybe just… Working in his studio. Whatever the case may be, Hector is progressing, and climbing his way to the top, striving to get on a well-known record label, travel the world, and play the music he loves.