Elementree Livity Project

Elementree Livity Project

 Maineville, Ohio, USA

Elementree Livity Project has one goal; to bring a message of Livity to the masses by spreading positive vibes to all; a message of peace, love, & unity.


“Combining the best of multiple genres into a cohesive, catchy and memorable sound is not a simple thing to do. Yet, this Cincinnati-based, multi-talented quintet does just that. Fuse "old school" Rock-n-Roll with Jam & Roots and masterfully layer it over a solid Reggae base and you have the distinct sound of Elementree Livity Project. Whether in a room at the back of a coffee house or an auditorium for thousands, ELP brings people together. When the band clicks on all cylinders, it's noticeable.” - Michael Clare, mikecimages.

Elementree Livity Project has created a recipe for success based on one goal. That goal is simple; to bring the message of Livity to the masses by spreading positive vibes; a message of peace, harmony, & acceptance for all people. It is a message of love & understanding for all. Since taking the stage by storm in 2013, ELP has carved out a space all their own with their whirlwind grooves, electric leads, and thundering bass lines. Already, they have shared the stage with artists like Shaggy, The Original Wailers, MAGIC!, Nahko & Medicine for The People, Fortunate Youth, Keller  Williams, Papadosio and The Revivalists to name just a few. After every storm, the sun will shine and the future of ELP is looking bright!

With the release of their first official EP, “You’re Not Ready,” the band is poised to emerge as a mainstay on the festival circuit. The 5-piece reggae rock dance machine has already performed at major events such as Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival, Resonance Music and Arts Festival, and they also host their very own event, Ohmstead Music Festival. And you can catch ELP at major venues throughout the midwest including: Madison Theater, Bogart’s, The Grog Shop, The V Club, Woodlands Tavern & many, many more.

The members of Elementree Livity Project are: David “Elementree” Danforth (guitar, vocals), Brandon “Bean” Bastin (lead guitar, vocals), Stephen Buttree (sax, flute, keys and vocals), Michael Walker (bass) and Cisco Hughes (drums).

If you are having a bad day go listen to an Elementree Livity Project tune, or better yet go catch a show! You are bound to have a smile on your face and you won't be able to stop moving to the music.” - Jason Evans, ConcertExposures.com

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