Elements of Addiction

Elements of Addiction


Elements of Addiction is an original rock band out of Northern VA marked by their fierce live shows and dedication to bringing "Real Rock & Roll" back, in all it's multi-faceted glory.


Emerging out of the NOVA/DC/MD scene, Elements of Addiction is an unsigned Rock Band intent on blowing people’s minds with good old-fashioned Pure Rock Fury. Staying away from fads or genre-niches, EOA is bringing back the sound of ROCK (think STP, G&R, etc.) and the swagger that goes along with it. Their sound spans a wide array of moods and dynamics, but remains firmly rooted in the traditions of Rock & Roll. Playing almost exclusively originals, their performances are always incendiary and, well, LOUD, gaining new fans with every show.

EOA was formed in the fall of ’05 around the songwriting nucleus of Chris Sherman (rhythm guitar) and Aaron Stevens (A-Ron, vocals). The heart and soul of the band, these two also share vocal duties blending together perfectly with A-Ron’s gruff baritone and Chris’ higher vocal range. Rounding out the band is “Dirty” Dave Smith on Bass, Chris Pearson on lead guitar, and Eric Gaudette on drums, all in their early to mid-twenties.

Their self-titled demo was released on September 9, 2006 at their own first-annual “Rocking on the River” concert, aboard a paddleboat on the Rappahannock River. The CD consists of all-original material and was completely self-produced, Chris Sherman having gone to school for recording. They are currently writing and recording new material and are looking forward to a very busy summer of ’07.


S/T - Demo released Sept. 2006

Set List

Our typical set is an hour in length, we tend to play all original material with the occasional cover thrown in for fun. To date our setlist includes:

4 O'Clock
Carl's Song
On the Way Out
Out of My Head
Worn Out Hair
Rock God
This High
Layin' Down
Has Anybody Seen My Mind? (Michael Franti Cover)