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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"'There are so many amazing bands'"

February 10, 2006

"Featured Picture on front page"
Elements of Style, another local band defines themselves as "Indie pop" will take the stage tonight (2/10/06) "I think it's going to be a pretty mixed crowd," said lead singer Iver Hillman. The four-member band played under the Elements of Style name for almost 5 years, usually for High School-aged kids or students from the surrounding Universities. "We've played at Pillllars many times," he said. "The audience is always really receptive. It's a great atmosphere to play in." - Sara Pellowski of West Bend Daily News

"Elements of Style"

May 2006

"If there is any band around this area that you should see, it's Elements of Style," Matt Muehlbauer said.
He would know, having opened for

Elements of Style on April 15 at Pillllars.

"They've been playing together so long , and they just click together on stage," Matt said.

When the guys were trying to figure out a band name, they chose to use the title of a writing and punctuation book they found at Hillmans house.

"It's a very interesting read," Tom laughed.

Besides that "wonderful" book, their influences include The Beatles, The Strokes, Beck, Weezer, The Beach Boys and most Jazz and Funk music.

As for their own favorite lyric, they chose, "Oh hell yes."

"We have so many good ones; it's hard to pick a favorite." Hillman said.

- Nikki Selsing UWWC College Paper

"Style Show"

January 15, 2005

Maybe it's the unusual style of music that most bands refuse to approach, maybe it's the influences of The Beatles and Beach Boys, or maybe it's that this band is the polar opposite of anything other teen bands in the area are trying.
However you look at it, Elements of Style is an amazing band unlike anything you have heard.
I sat down with guitarist and vocalist Iver Hillman, bassist Jeff Paulus and drummer Seth Dougherty to learn about the band and it's history.

Where did the name com from?
We came across a book by E.B. White and William H. Strunk Jr. called "The Elements of Style." Iver saw the book in his kitchen and we thought the name was better than a lot of our previous ones.

What are your influences?
Our main influence are not like those of many bands in the area. Our three main influences are undoubtedly The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Strokes. Musically and vocally, they are great bands, but our own style is definitely different from theirs. We just really look up to them.

How would you classify yourself?
Well, we are definitely not like most of the local bands in the area. We are not emo, we are not punk and we are not rock. What was considered rock and roll in the 60's is nothing like that now! I'd say we are mainly in the pop/indie category, but it's a hard thing to classify what we are because we do so many things.

- Andy Brunner West Bend Daily News


Elements of Style (2005)
1. (Prelude)
2. Perfection
3. Luckiest One
4. Agent Orange
5. Impulse Control
6. Pivot
7. The Junior
8. English Poet
9. Claire
10. Queen of France/Phantasm
11. (Interlude)
12. Tragic Zero

Whisper Ship/Rage Cage (2007)
1. Tasty21
2. Metaphysics
3. Ethics
4. Epistemology
5. Snacking
6. Cavedweller
7. Fire Exit
8. Rage Cage
9. Midnite Love
10. Painted Red
11. Kulture Shock
12. Good Point?
13. Growler


All In A Days Work - Insterstate Music Compilation (2004)
7. Claire

Effigy Studios Vol. 1 (2006)
3. Tragic Zero


Feeling a bit camera shy


A powerful pop foursome from West Bend, Wisconsin, Elements of Style is a breath of fresh air in the crowd of repetitive modern music. Creating an alchemy of 20th century music, the band presents a sound that is just as original as it is enjoyable.

Formed in 2001 as a cover band, Elements of Style used these songs as influence to their early music. After the departure of some of the early members, the final lineup was completed in 2004 with the addition of bassist Jeff Paulus and guitarist Tom Casper. After winning studio time in a local contest, the band started recording their debut LP in late 2004. Released in the summer of 2005, the freshman release of the band presents the poppy fun of their early music.

Over the next year, the band quickly matured their sound and progressed greatly as both musicians and songwriters. Playing with such acts as Maritime (ex.Promise Ring/Dismemberment Plan) Ivory, The Spill Canvas, and Burbank Cartel (ex. Alligator Gun), the band has also gained somewhat of a following from the Indie-rock crowd.

In January of 2007, the band entered the studio once again for their follow-up album, entitled "Whisper Ship/Rage Cage". The album brings forth the band's more developed sound, drawing influences from everything from house to classical to rock while keeping true to their pop roots. Produced by guitarist Iver Hillman and mastered by Trevor Sadler of Mastermind Studios, the album is seated for a Summer 2007 release.