Elements of the Outer Realm

Elements of the Outer Realm

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A unique sound that is the convergence of a wide spectrum of musical influences including Hip-Hop, Jazz, Classical, Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and World Music.


April 1999 marked the birth of Elements of the Outer Realm, an eight-piece band hailing from Long Beach, California. With a unique sound that is the convergence of a wide spectrum of musical influences including hip-hop, jazz, classical, Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and world music, Elements of the Outer Realm is the combined talents of seven musical artists who each bring their own creativity and musical ability to the group.

Emcees Christian Mendoza and Derrick Engoy deliver their lyrics in a poetic and rhythmic style. Drummer Rickey Lumpin II creates multi-dimensional beats, most deem only playable through electronic means. Adding bottom-heavy bass lines and transient vocals is J. Michael Roy as Jojo Villanueva brings beautiful jazz melodies through skillful manipulation of the keyboard. Ian Azuelo twists the norm with his versatile guitar skills, and the multi-talented Genesis not only plays the clarinet and saxophone, but also lends his hands in percussion, playing congas, timbales, djembe and various bells. Rounding out the other-worldly sound of Elements of the Outer Realm is DJ Havik, whose turntablism skills create countermelodies that keep the band grounded in their hip-hop roots.

Through their music, Elements addresses the many emotions and societal issues that are encountered on a daily basis. Elements holds a strong belief that the world can be a beautiful place, despite the selfishness, hatred, and anger that seem to pervade society. Elements of the Outer Realm uses its philosophy as the backbone of its music, and believes in delivering positive messages through music. This philosophy is not only reflected in the music, but in their community involvement. They have performed and help raise money for many charitable events including those that have helped the victims of the 911 tragedy and the Tsunami Relief of South Asia in 2005.

Elements of the Outer Realms has performed all over California and performed at the 2003 Lollapalooza Music Festival. Also in 2003, Blender Magazine and Streetwise.com named Elements of the Outer Realm "Street Fight 'Ultimate Band Challenge' Hip-Hop Champion" through a national online battle of the bands competition in which hundreds of bands competed for the title. Elements of the Outer Realm's music can be heard on College radio all across the country. Also EOTOR has been featured the World Famous KROQ (106.7 FM) as Jed the Fish's Catch of the Day.

The musical experience that Elements of the Outer Realm brings can be best described as a spiritual high. It is best listened to with an open mind and a kind heart. The band believes that each and everyone should embrace their individuality, and that being different is a celebration of our humanity. Elements of the Outer Realm lives, breathes, and creates for the sheer love of music, and hopes to bring something new and positive with each and every song and performance.


Released - 2007

Now available for download on iTunes and a host of others!

Streaming audio available at:

Street Fight (The Ultimate Music Competition) The Album
Compilation - Song: Be The One
Released - 2003

The Never Ending Battle
Compilation - Song: Be The One
Released - 2003

Be The One - CD Maxi Single
Released - 2003

Elements of the Outer Realm - LIVE
Released - 2001

Elements of the Outer Realm - EP
Released - 1999

Set List

Song list:
Lookout Your Window

We usually play only one set. Our typical set list can vary from 30-45 minutes. All original songs only, no covers.