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Element Spitflames

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New school MC with an old schooler's mentality


In the midst of today’s uncreative and senseless Hip Hop music, Element Spitflames proves that Hip Hop still has a lot to offer. “Mr. Spitflames” is best described as a new school MC with an old schooler’s mentality. His songs bring the artistic balance that mainstream music is missing. From recording music for Paris Hilton’s film, “Pledge This!” to working closely with artists and producers such as C-NoEviL, D-Mizzle, Audwhirld, V-Style, and Ms. Toi on the “Life Music Mixtape”, Element has a burning desire to prove he is amongst Hip Hop’s elite MC’s. He is even competitive with the artists and producers that he works with on a consistent basis.

Since the age of 11, “the walking golden age” has been inspired by Hip Hop artists such as Ice Cube, NWA, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, A Tribe Called Quest, and Public Enemy. From freestyling on other known rappers’ instrumentals using earphones as microphones to record himself, the aspiring MC was determined to share his musical talents with the world. It wasn’t until hearing EPMD’s, “So Wat Cha Sayin’,” that he actually wrote his first full song entitled “Rough & Rugged.” At age 16, he became apart of Shelia Ferguson’s non-profit organization, “Jammin’ For Kid’s Sake,” a program that teaches youth about the music industry and holds together showcases for young talent.

He became heavily involved in the local Los Angeles Hip Hop scene, performing at various venues such as The Knitting Factory, Vision Theater, BB Kings, The Hollywood Canteen, Mixed Nuts, The Roxy and The Patriotic Hall. This sparked interest in wanting to get his own recordings heard throughout the inner city, and in 2003, Element Spitflames became co-host of “The Zone Radio Show” on station 99.3FM along side with his current group members, “Audwhirld.” Shortly after, the station went under, but not before he learned production, record engineering, and studio management. He now teaches the youth on how to create music on computer based software, and discusses the different aspects of Hip Hop culture.

Element Spitflames’ subject matter is hardly limited. His songs can rock the crowd, educate and motivate youth and adults alike, inform one on how to deal with love and even address current world issues. He’s not scared to write about what critics might think of as “too hard” or “too soft.” Element Spitflames refuses to be put in a box and labeled as “conscious”, “gangsta”, or “backpack”; because he only writes music that is true to form and from his own heart.


- Element of Surprise Vol.1 (available for free download on myspace.com/elementspitflames)