Elena Iliadi

Elena Iliadi

 Athens, Attica, GRC

Elena Iliadi is a professional pop/world/international singer.
She has lots of appearances in musical stage in Greece and abroad (Europe and Africa) with success having always the support and the love of the people.
New cd "Voice of Greece" 2011 & "Afou den s'exo" 2010,
'Pos mporeses' new 2012.


Elena Iliadi is a professional Greek singer for many years.She expressed her love about music from a young age.Her first sounds of music came from her grand-father who was a musician violinist.Later she studed classical music,mezzo-soprano and piano for 6 years.She started singing in bouats and hotels with Greek and foreign songs.

In 2000 she had her first album with 12 popular Greek songs with the title ‘My Best Friend’.

Composers and musician of this album were: D.Panagopoulos, T.Pasvantis, P.Pasvanti, G.Mpithikotsis, Sarikos.Mpaos, Nikolopoulos and others well-known in Greece.The success of the cd was big.The song with the title ’Erota Aliti’ was on the top-ten songs of that time.

She had lots of appearances in musical stage in Greece and abroad (Europe and Africa) with success having always the support and the love of the people.

Recently( end of December 2011) she completed the new album with title ’Voice Of Greece’ with Greek and English songs(13 songs).The lyrics and the music are written by well-known professional composers in ex-Yougoslavia and Greece. K.Gabroski, S.Durguti, A.Saroglou, J.Brown, E.Iliadi, M.Antonatos and A.Theodoridou.

Elena on 28 August 2010 in Ohrid-ex-Yougoslavia in the international festival of songs ‘Ohrid fest 2010' had a prize of the best interpretation with the song ‘Who Loves’ which is included in this album.

On 5 July 2011 Elena participated in “Suncaneskale” international festival of songs that took place in Monte Negro.She performed her new song with title”Like an Angel” ,music was written by well known composer Grigor Koprov and lyrics written by Elena Iliadi. In this festival participated many countries from Europe and USA.Elena for once had a big success.

Also on 28 August 2011 Elena Iliadi was invited in the international festival”Ohrid fest”.She sang her new song ‘Like an angel” and the people there really like this song( a nice balad).

Elena is an active singer and she has performances( concerts) everywhere.


I want to know if you love me-Thelo na ksero an m'agapas

Written By: A.Saroglou



Written By: S.Durguti & Elena Iliadi

Glenys Vargas & Elena Iliadi

can not tell you i love you

Written By: Kristian Gabroski

Jon Brown

Look at my eyes-koita me sta matia

Written By: S.Durguti

Elena Iliadi


Pos mporeses" -" How you could" new digital song 2012
"Afou den s'exo" 2010
"Voice of Greece" 2011
"like an angel"2011- 'San aggelos'
"My best Friend"- 'O Pio kalos mou filos' 2000
Can not tell you I love you
Agony 7/2012.

Set List

ELENA ILIADI-the singer
amp bass