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"The ELENA JAMES BAND Returns To The Scene Of The Dream"

It's the 1990s, at downtown Boston's venerable Paradise... A legendary rock act is playing to a capacity audience, mesmerizing them with the volume and relentlessness of their attack. Grateful fans press up against the stage, eager for a close-up look at one their idols, while one of them, a pretty teenage girl, dreams of being in a band of her own...

The ELENA JAMES BAND's charismatic frontwoman smiles, picking up the story from here: "The very first concert that I ever attended was held at the Paradise. I was only 16 and had just received my first guitar for Christmas. Music was starting to play a huge role in my life. I remember looking at the performers on the stage and dreaming that I would be up there one day. It's unreal that it's now actually happening!"

Yes, the Elena James Band is taking the stage tomorrow night, May 19th, at 8:00 PM sharp in the loving spotlight of one of the country's most respected live rock institutions. Originally opened in September of 1977, the Paradise has endured as one of New England's premiere Rock & Roll clubs for over 25 years. It holds a place in music history as the first venue that U2 ever performed at in the USA, and has hosted such rock royals as Coldplay, The Police, AC/DC, Blondie, REM, The Jam, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Elvis Costello, The Pretenders, Dire Straits, Billy Joel, INXS, Tom Waits, Tom Tom Club, Television, Mission of Burma, Cheap Trick, Joe Jackson, Rage Against the Machine, The Pixies, and many more.

Other members of the EJB are quick to share Elena's infectious enthusiasm, with bassist Eric Marian observing that "the Paradise is a legendary venue, so it's great to have this chance to play there." Guitarist Ryan Logsdon concurs, adding, "I'm excited to play the Paradise. It's an experience I won't ever forget!"

And fans aren't likely to forget, either. For one thing that even the most jaded observers of the Boston scene have been quick to point out about the Elena James Band is that their explosive live performances can blast your head wide open while leaving you extremely, ecstatically happy, all at the same time. That's because Elena, Ryan, Eric, and drummer Katherine Tedeschi are among the chosen few who have been handed the secret key to the magic that is Rock & Roll, and as your body is thrown into a dancing frenzy by their musical storms, you'll also find a smile spreading inexorably across your visage. Don't fight it, because that's what it's all about. Passion make you very, very happy.

Oh yes, the Elena James Band are an intense, passionate, and even heavy live act. Even though the inventive arrangements, unique harmonies, nifty rhythms, flirtations with folk influences, and all the rest of it give the musical sophisticate a lot to chew on, the EJB speaks first to all of us unrepentant Rock & Rollers, and it doesn't matter a bit if we can't tell Joni Mitchell from Buffy St. Marie.

So make your plans now to join these beautiful dreamers tomorrow night at the Paradise, the legendary hall of rock royalty. For with all its allure and splendor, this venue is a lot like the Elena James Band itself. It's usually festive and exuberant, occasionally beautifully plaintive. And it's always dazzling.

posted by Smartt @ 5:04 AM - http://off-the-press-up-to-date.blogspot.com/2006_05_14_off-the-press-up-to-date_archive.html

"Spirited Frontwoman Brings Her Soulful Sound To The FSCOTT GALLERY"

April 27, 2006

BOSTON / SUDBURY, MA - (APRIL 27 2006 DMPR) - A calm Spring evening in suburban Massachusetts. A bustling, high-profile venue called the FSCOTT GALLERY. A young singer whose introspective music moves the body, mind, and soul. An audience that can't get enough of her charismatic performance and beautiful original material...

This will be the scene this Friday, April 28th at 8:00 PM, as singer/songwriter/guitarist ELENA JAMES joins STEVE KRIGER for a rare solo performance at the FSCOTT GALLERY, 29 Hudson Road (The Village Green), Sudbury, MA 01776.

In one sense, this appearance marks a return to this gifted artist's original roots, as she began her career as a more acoustic-oriented singer/songwriter. Using high-priced session musicians, Elena had already recorded an album's worth of demos with producers/engineers Pablo Bencid (drummer for Victor Mendoza) and Daniel Saa, but after playing a handful of solo showcases, she knew her style (which ranges from delicate, finger-picking to heavy electric power chords) required a full band to bring such a versatile repertoire to the stage.

Enter bassist Eric Marian, drummer Katherine Tedeschi, and Ryan Logsdon, who, along with their titular frontwoman now comprise the ELENA JAMES BAND. As a collective, this young group's varied influences amount to a veritable who's who of rock history: Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley, Heart, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Depeche Mode, James Brown, and U2.

Channel these varied inspirations through intelligently written original material and the superior musicianship of the band's individual members, and the final result is a rich, thick and varied sound that manages to sound hauntingly familiar yet completely unique all at once. And while the band never loses sight of its dedication to primal rock & roll, it is never afraid to be a bit experimental, for Elena James is a woman of many ideas.

While she relishes the high energy of her band's live shows, Elena looks forward to this Friday's sonic change of pace at the Fscott Gallery, observing, "At acoustic shows we get the opportunity to test out newer songs on an intimate and captive audience.Ê Also, this show will allow us to reach fans of all ages, since most of our larger shows are at 18-21 and over venues."

The legendary home of musical acts as diverse as Aerosmith, Boston, Letters To Cleo, Juliana Hatfield, The Lemonheads, Morphine, Til Tuesday, Belly, Throwing Muses, Kristin Hersh, and Mary Lou Lord, the Boston scene continues to play an important role in the careers of artists to this day, helping to break such current favorites as Killswitch Engage, Ray LaMontagne, The Click 5, Dropkick Murphys, Akrobatik and most recently, platinum recording sensation James Blunt. With unmistakable talent and a burning desire to succeed, the Elena James Band is quickly outgrowing its humble New England origins.

So make sure you get to the Fscott Gallery early this Friday. For although no one can guess what may next emerge from this young lady, fans are always in agreement over one thing: whether performing solo sets or rocking with her band, Elena James never disappoints, and her songs, for all their power and immediate accessibility, demand to be played and heard LIVE.

For more information about the Elena James Band, and to get exclusive looks at their upcoming projects, please visit and bookmark www.myspace.com/elenajames and www.elenajames.com.

- http://off-the-press-up-to-date.blogspot.com/2006_04_23_off-the-press-up-to-date_archive.html

"Elena James Band plans to record a full length album"


Elena James Band plans to record a full length album
: After forming in 2005 and playing to full capacity crowds at venues like the Middle East (upstairs) in Cambridge, Massachusetts the Elena James Band prepares to record their debut LP. Their sound has been described by some fans as soft alternative rock with their influences ranging from Tori Amos and Jeff Buckley to Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. With such an eclectic sound they have already captured the interest of many throughout the Boston area. "A lot of people have enjoyed listening to our demo but keep asking when we are releasing the full length record. Our tour schedule has been so full but we really want to get into the studio and put together some great sounding tracks," states Ryan Logsdon (lead guitar). Recently the band launched their new website www.elenajames.com and captured the fourth place prize in the www.filmties.com competition. They have also been the featured band on www.path.com and www.hepmusic.com Look for their debut album to be available on their website sometime this summer! - The Music Review Industry News

"When Irish Eyes are Smiling: The Elena James Band Holds Court at the Banshee Pub"

BOSTON MA / DORCHESTER MA - (MAY 24, 2006 DMPR) - It's no secret that the Boston area has hosted some of the finest Irish music in history. From being the first city to hold a U2 concert to hosting week-long engagements by native sons the DROPKICK MURPHYS each year, Boston has established some of the finest Irish music venues on this side of the Atlantic. And not the least of these is Dorchester's BANSHEE PUB (just a few blocks from the T at 934 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA 02125), a friendly neighborhood lounge that boasts an authentic Celtic kitchen (home to the best Shepherd's Pie in the metro Boston area) and two stories of comfortable seating. Live shows are not uncommon at this amiable gaelic bistro, and rising New England rockers the ELENA JAMES BAND will be the latest act to be taking to the Banshee's intimate stage this Thursday night, May 24th.

Coming hot on the heels of their SRO performance at Boston's famed PARADISE just days earlier, EJB drummer KATHERINE TEDESCHI says that she's looking forward to playing a smaller, more intimate hall. "After playing a big venue like the Paradise, it'll be nice to just relax and jam at a laid back spot like the Banshee." Vocalist & guitarist ELENA JAMES echoes similar sentiments, observing that "anything goes at the Banshee! We might perform a cover song that we normally wouldn't play, or throw in some acoustic material. Plus, we practice right around the corner, so the pub really does feel a lot like home."

And why shouldn't it? The festive kind of Rock & Roll the Elena James Band delivers couldn't sound more at home anywhere else. And like the Banshee itself, the band is more than the sum of its individually dazzling components (which, for the EJB, includes bassist ERIC MARIAN and guitarist RYAN LOGSDON). It's a matter of style, you see, and the Elena James Band have it down pat. Their humor is the kind that makes you feel good rather than just making you laugh, and you'll find it everywhere - in the stunning vocals, in the artfully composed lyrics, and in the intentness of their sonic delivery.

It's an ecstatic, uplifting experience with a pile-driver impact, so come down tomorrow night for this FREE opportunity to see the people behind the electricity and smell the Irish beer that bubbles beneath the music within the welcoming walls of the Banshee Pub.
- DMPR (Daniel Metcalf Public Relations)

"The Elena James Band"

By Michael Potvin

After already having a LP’s worth of demos recorded, Elena James sat down at her PC in the fall of 2004 to search for a full band that would be able to accompany her is a wide range of styles. She found her band on and around the campus of Umass Amherst and the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The Elena James Band consists of Ryan Logsdon, lead guitar, Eric Marian, bass, Keith Eliot, drums, and the namesake of the band, Elena James, vocals and guitar. The band cut it’s teeth playing coffee shops, as well as the Boston bar scene and gigs at the many colleges in Boston area and Massachusetts as a whole. Listening to a few of the tracks included with her press release, I find her music reminiscent of Heart and of the Scissor Sisters.

“Better Off Friends” harkens back to 70’s rock riffs with a strong drum track and an emotional vocal, which draws comparisons to Heart. Much like Heart and the Wilson sisters, James is a character to be reckoned with in the Boston rock scene. As the song opens James is being questioned by her lover, possibly about her role as a musician, and band leader, “You don't think that I'm/ I'm cut out for this/You're voice is racing, racing through my head”. James casts aside the criticism proving to all that she is more than capable or being successful in the all too often male dominant rock scene. Much like Heart’s “Magic Man”, the “friend” is trying to ruin her and keep her from her music.

James is too powerful a female presence to de distracted by such pit falls; she casts aside this doubt and emerges stronger, while casting aside her lover;

Oh no, I don' think so
I had a revelation

Weren't you the one that said that I could do anything I wanted to do?
Was that true?
Why are you lying again?
I guess we're better off friends

Elena James’ vocal cover a great deal styles, at one time coming across as powerful and strong while at others times sweet and melodic. She is backed by capable band that performs her songs with skill and emotion. The Elena James Band has the drive, chops and talent to break into a wider national scene.
- Indie In-Tune

"Songwriters to hold benefit concert for Everett School's music program"

Elena James, Peabody resident and musician, has organized and will host a stellar line-up of singer-songwriters to benefit the Everett Public School's Music Department. The event will take place on Wednesday August 3, from 9 p.m. to 12:30 a.m., at Stewarts, 140 Jefferson Ave. in Everett. Call 617-381-0563.

Elena James, the event's organizer and host, is a young artist worthy of attention, possessing an unbelievable vocal range combined with powerful lyrics and moving melodies She released her first full length album "Waiting on You" in 2003 and is presently recording the follow up demo and playing acoustic shows throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. A former flute player and singer in the Peabody music department, she has a passion for school music programs and is always to organize a benefit concert. (www.elenajames.com) - The Everett Independent 7/6/05

"Elena James Band at the Middle East"

Elena James Band at the Middle East 13/2/06
Reviewed by: Maria Jones
Date: 04 April 2006

The Middle East showcases some of Boston's best music particularly in the rock genre. The Elena James Band is no exception as they displayed great potential in their February 13th performance in the Middle East Emergenza Battle of the Bands. Many of the other bands had a lackluster appearance and sound. So when Elena emerged onto the stage clad in a short skirt, knee high boots and a sequin guitar strap you bet the crowd took notice. Drummer Katherine Tedeschi also caught the eyes of the full capacity crowd being that she is female (a rarity in the drumming world)and she's definitely a looker. Thankfully these girls chops match their appearances as the played a killer set of what I am terming "dirty girl rock." Think Joan Jett meets Shirley Manson of Garbage meets Tori Amos. In fact, their style of playing ranged from rock to blues to pop so it's hard to put them in one rigid genre. Accompanied by lead guitarist Ryan Logsdon and Eric Marian on bass they electrified the crowd with their first song "Hey There." The hook "hey there you look irresistible" immediately had the audience singing and moving around like it was prom night. Songs such as "Electric" (definitely worthy of its title) and "Real Good" (great bluesy feel) were my personal favorites fue to their up tempo nature and great guitar solos. Ryan Logsdon definitely played his heart out using a variety of pedals and styles. My only critique was he could have had a little more crowd interaction. Bass player Eric Marian had some great lines but some of them were low in the mix. I blame the sound for that! Overall, they have a great sound and great personalities to match. They were all very friendly and enthusiastic after the show giving away free demos and chatting with fans. Their sites www.elenajames.com and www.myspace.com/elenajames gives has all their upcoming gigs. If you are in the New England area, definitely check them out or just wait until them come to a town near you. It's only a matter of time before they gain national recognition.
- www.worldwidereview.com


Waiting On you(LP)
tracks include:
1.Not Easy To Come By

2.You're Not Fooling Me

3.Waiting On You

4.A Little Bit Closer

5.Beautiful Sweetness



8.Take Charge


10.Real Good

11.Ways Of The World




During the fall of 2004, singer-songwriter Elena James sat down in front of her computer with with one mission; find a bass player. Using high-priced session musicians, she had already recorded an album's worth of demos with producers/engineers Pablo Bencid (drummer for Victor Mendoza) and Daniel Saa. After playing a handful of solo showcases, she knew her style that ranges from finger-picking to power chords needed a full band to account for such versatility. While browsing "Friendster" of all places, she stumbled across a local bass player, whom she had never met, but actually attended her college. On a whim she wrote to him and surprisingly enough he was not scared off by her randomness and actually wanted to take part in her project. "I knew Eric (Marian) was the real deal when he had downloaded all of my demos in order to write down the bass lines before we even had a formal meeting," recalls singer James.

The duo spent the summer of 2005 playing a variety of coffee shop gigs from Starbucks to Borders Books cafe. At the tail end of the summer Elena again attempted to piece together a successful live band. This time she placed an add on "Craigslist" seeking drums and lead guitar. To her amazement she received a response that very night from a guitarist and drummer duo residing in the Boston area. "We were excited but overwhelmed with our own duo gigs and agreed to audition them in a week," says James.
The night before that audition drummer Katherine Tedeschi and Ryan Logsdon drove down to Marlborough, Massachusetts to surprise Elena and Eric at their Borders Bookstore gig. Unfortunately, they were in for a surprise themselves when they unexpectedly ran out of gas a mile away from their destination. "We really wanted to break the ice with them and we just hopped out of the car and trekked up the road. We figured the car could wait but meeting them was long over due," laughs Logsdon. They arrived during the middle of the set and immediately made an impression on the performing musicians. "I saw this enthusiastic pair roll in and sit right in the front. I was shocked to see how interested they were because I mean the Borders crowd is usually pretty reserved. It almost seemed like they knew my songs," remembers the singer-songwriter.
After finishing the set, Elena tried pitching her demo to the tandem and Logsdon just smiled, "I already have your music. I'm Ryan." The quartet immediately hit it off from that moment both musically and personally. The audition the following day could not have gone any smoother and almost instantly "The Elena James Band" was born. After just four practices they had a complete set and were already co-writing new material. "We have a lot of the same influences. Ryan and I like both Hendrix. I'm into Tori Amos and so is Katherine along with Joni Mitchell. Eric loves U2 and we can all agree on that. It makes it easier to pick out cover songs," says James. With their first live gig approaching they felt they needed a low key situation to test the waters. "We decided to email a friend of mine that was playing a Halloween party in Salem and ask him if we could play a set," states Elena. Derek Oleson from local band "El Rancho" agreed to let them open the night in the "Witch City." After leaving the crowd breathless and gaining a whole new group of names to add to their mailing list, the members of " EJB" (The Elena James Band) knew they were set to play any stage.
They encountered their first big stage at "Milly's Tavern" in Manchester, New Hampshire, a destination Elena and Eric had previously played as a duo in the summer of 2005. Alongside Boston band "The Gulf," New Hampshire band "Red Handled Hoe," and New York City band "The Road," the four piece more than held their own shocking the crowd with an electrifying set. In fact, the members of "Red Handled Hoe," who had played with Elena before could not believe that "EJB" was just a project six weeks in the making. "You guys just have this drive. It's unbelievable. I mean Elena and Eric were good when we saw them before but now you guys are like Power Pop," says Dave MacDonald of "Red Handled Hoe." With a drive and desire for more "The Elena James Band" is sure to go far not only in the Boston scene but on a much larger scale. Ryan Logsdon sums it up the situation simply, "The way I see it. a year from now we will have a couple albums recorded and tons of tour dates under our belt. This band just has so much potential. We're already on the fast track to success."