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"The Legacy of Elena Vogt..Int'l Pop Singer Is The 'Princess Diana' of Today"

Elena Vogt of ...has much to boast about. Her famous grandfather is Vincent La Selva, a world renowned symphony and opera conductor who was knighted by the President of Italy, and awarded the Handel Medallion by Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City. With a family tree that is rooted to Lord William Lovell of Minster-Lovell in England, or Henry Clay Lovell, founder of the town of Lovell in Wyoming, or her great, great grandfather Charles Edward Chidester who was the publisher and editor of the Massillon Evening Independent in Ohio. Elena is committed to carrying the torch in her generation. but regardless of her inherited gift of genes, Elena remains extremely humble, gracious and elegant, with a kind hearted spirit. As she is now recognized all over the world for her incredible vocal talent and notable pop tunes, people are referring to Elena as 'the Princess Diana of modern day times'. It's no wonder, her physical features, classy style, gentle persona and charitable acts most definitely resemble such a woman who was known as the 'Queen of Hearts'. And her life proves it. Today at age eighteen, Elena reflects about the days when cruel classmates in elementary school harrassed her for no apparent reason, so instead, she chose to eat with the janitor at lunchtime. Her many childhood adversities compelled Elena to write about it. At age three, she was already digesting musical ingenuitiy by watching Grandpa Vincent conduct symphonies and operas at Carnegie Hall. Soon, she was singing herself, and Elena's skills of introspective writing turned into noteworthy compositions and melody. When her younger sister was born and diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, her deep compassion was displayed by helping to administer insulin shots to her baby sister, sometimes eleven times a day. Now, Elena Vogt is on a heartfelt mission. She is using her musical career as a platform to bring attention to victims of diabetes. With her newly released single titled 'Above it All', a song that speaks about her little sister and the issues that she faces every day because of her illness, Elena is touching hearts and changing lives with every step. Beyond her music, she is creating other avenues to help raise awareness and funding for these diabetic victims. Dogs for Diabetes is a concept that Elena hopes will gather costly breeds of dogs, randomly donated, then sold with 100% of the proceeds going to various diabetic foundations throughout the world. Recently, Elena performed at the Colston Hall in England, thrilling her loyal fans with hit songs and dance, while speaking about diabetes and her loving sister. It is so easy to take the simple things in life for granted. But with Elena Vogt, life really matters.
- TV Times


I have 4 singles available for purchase on iTunes and everywhere online. Purchase physical copies as well on Amazon on Demand. Singles available are: Taste of you, Dream About You (new version), We Come Together, and Dream About You (old version)
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Elena Vogt is a 20 year old Singer/Songwiter of Pop/ R&B and Pop/Rock. Elena was born and raised in Essex County NJ. She grew up around music and was attending full length operas in NYC and spent many nights at Carnegie Hall watching her well known grandfather conduct Beethoven and Verdi symphonies from the age of three. Elena had an ear for music very young and began trying to sing along with Whitney Houston at the age of 2. By the time she was 8, she was belting right along with Celine Dion . This is when it became apparent that she had a true gift. Elena began formal voice lessons at the age of 12 and worked with a few well - known vocal coaches who told her she had what it takes and advised her to not let anyone steer her off of this path that she is destined for.

Elena was 15 when her songwriting ability emerged. She wrote a beautiful pop ballad called, “All My Life”, which caught the attention of a writer from CNN and Fox TV and from there opened the door to a producer who worked with Donna Summer, NSYNC and others who helped her to put together the songs she was writing in recordings. She went on to write many more ballads, including the catchy song, “Dream About You” at the age of 16, and now has approximately 20 songs in her catalog that she has written. Her gift is truly special in that she gets the melody and lyrics together at the same time in her head like a finished song. She also hears all the music and beats in her head, she sings it and it’s written. Elena was accepted as a member of ASCAP at the young age of 18 when her song, Dream About You was being played on small town and internet radio. That song has been popular on iTunes and has managed to increase her fans on both myspace and facebook to over 28,000 on each site. Elena continues to maintain a strong presence on the internet and has impressed industry professionals along the way.

Because of her vocal ability, range, songwriting ability and stunning beauty, Elena has been told by many people at the top of the industry that she has the whole package and could easily be one of the next big icons in the music field. At 17 she was told that she wrote power ballads and although they were great songs, that she was actually writing too mature for her age. It was felt that she was writing like Celine Dion and she needed to be writing like Britney Spears. So, Elena spent the next two years honing in on her writing technique and learning to write less emotionally and more like the young person she is. She has succeeded in reaching that goal with the very radio friendly pop song “Taste of You” which is being produced by a multi-platinum producer and songwriter who has worked with many of today’s well known artists. The result is a radio ready, energetic song which is among the best Elena has written. She also had her hand in producing for the first time by suggesting some of the effects on the new song. Elena has also completely re-written Dream About You to make it more radio friendly and re- written a new song that she originally wrote with two writers, one of whom was a writer with Willie Nelson’s label. After that songwriting session she was told that although they have worked cowriting with many people, it never flowed better than with Elena and they expressed what a talent she was at such a young age and a pleasure to work side by side with. All three songs are being mastered to be released within the coming weeks.
Elena Vogt is a true artist with a passion for her music and what has been called “the voice of an angel” her vocal on the catchy ‘Wish You Weren’t So Beautiful’ has been referred to as stunning ‘vocal pyrotechnics’. She is poised in all areas to make an impact on the music industry.

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way I was today with Elena's song! Next year she could be at the Grammy's for
"best new a