Elephant 12

Elephant 12

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Elephant 12 is a unique hybrid of electro/rock with a Punk attitude. As a band we push a simple lyrical message along side a blend of musical styles and sounds, without trampling all over the key elements that make our love of music so exhilarating.



With their impressive performances and songs they continually amaze the growing cult that is following them. Due to Rave reviews these Thelonious CooL and Pinnetto are quickly becoming the talk of the town. Elephant 12 has captured a new sound which is drawing the crowds to the dance floor. Elephant 12 brings a gravitating energy that hypnotizes the audience. This group has been generating industry buzz including praise from legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix), Mad Mike Banks (Underground Resistance), Canadian broadcaster Alan Cross and BBC introducing. With nods form Brooklyn's AfroPunk, Vinyl District, Pop Vultures and Fred Perry SubCulture all exclaiming Elephant 12 as a "must see band". They have been featured on Blank TV, Italian TV Rai3, Scuzz, Muzu TV.

They have performed at high velocity venues and festival bookings in London, Wales, Scotland, NYC, Toronto, Texas, Spain and Italy. Not only is the band remarkable on stage with high energetic performances of unapologetic rock fused with EDM, their catchy lyrics tantalize fans.



Written By: Elephant 12

the mic is where my spine be
lyrics drip from my lips
like i'm hooked to an I.V
most likely i will spit on a nice beat
jazz it up call me Miles on the white keys
tryna do good do the right thing Spike Lee
but inside me is a renegade
running through my blood
I call that a type B
to put it bluntly all smoke where your blunt be
Amp the mic don't connect to DI
here to break the rules
forget the piece sign
head above water it's like i'm baptize
turn me up turn the gain clockwise

I'mma Renegade don't tell me Johnny be good x3
Yeah you misunderstood

2nd verse

the rhythm the rebel
my rock star image
go ahead take offence
cause all i do is picket
middle finger to yah face
tell you where to stick it
i'm livid
you pricks creeping while i'm sleeping
that's what i call
no rest for the wicked
we slaves in this bitch
that's cotton we all picking
my on a mission to kick the door in
begins with my race
that's the color of my skin



Self Titled Elephant 12..
Sold Out

radio play: BBC 6, DIY radio, Gumbo Radio, Renansance FM, Alan Cross, Figure4 Radio, UnRegular Radio

Set List

Don't Wanna Dance
Love Knock On Wood
Shut Up
Turn Me Up
Guys With Guitars
Diet Coke