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Plattsburgh, New York, United States | INDIE

Plattsburgh, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Quick Quotes"

“Funky and catchy as hell…Sugary sweet party-rock on the outside, and salty, crispy jam-rock on the inside.” - Seven Days Magazine (Burlington, VT)

“Very unusual, intricate, and captivating…I get CDs from people all the time and it’s rare that I get on as good as yours.” – Jimmy Fink 107.1 The PEAK (Westchester, NY)

“Phenomenal…They are musical geniuses with their eclectic Pop-Rock sound.” - Fourth Coast Magazine (Malone, NY)

“Great Grooves!” - Joe Bouchard, Blue Oyster Cult

“That ‘Make You Say Wow’ is some catchy shit!” - Ben Ellman, Galactic

“I’ve never heard anyone use the vibes like this.” - Charlie Hunter
- Charlie Hunter, Galactic, Blue Oyster Cult, Seven Days, Jimmy Fink, & Fourth Coast Magazine,

"Funky and Catchy as Hell"

You like chocolate, right? And, assuming you eat meat, you probably like bacon, too. Why not put them together? This unlikely pairing is actually the recipe for a bizarre gustatory delicacy known as Choinklate, a classic case of one-plus-one equals three. The sum being greater than its parts is the basic premise on which many a genre-bending musical act crafts its sound — if you play funk and you like jazz, why not start a jazz-funk fusion band? Keeping with the theme, it would seem that Plattsburgh / Burlington outfit elephantbear are something of a musical Choinklate: sugary sweet party-rock on the outside, and salty, crispy jam-rock on the inside. Citing influences from Phish (shocker!) to The Meters, Miles Davis and The Foo Fighters, the band certainly dials in an eclectic mix on its debut album, Hide and Go Seek.

Album opener, “Eternally Incomplete,” a Sea and Cake-esque number, sets a quick tempo. The song abruptly switches gears to a catchy bit about unrequited love. Front man Mike Pedersen has a nice voice and, while songs about love are seldom novel, his lyrics are clever and funny without sounding forced.

“Between the Lines,” a subdued track about love in passing, sounds like an organic version of German rockers The Notwist, with semiotic minimalist strumming and low-key drums.

The disc’s surprising highlight is “Make You Say Wow,” a playful, blues-joint jam. If this wasn’t an impromptu session filler, then the band has me fooled. Lyrically, there’s not much here beyond the title, repeated over and over again. I wonder which came first, the title or the song or . . . whatever.

Displaying ambition I’d usually shun like brother Hezekiah who broke the Ordnung, elephantbear have included “Ghetto Barbie” and a clean-edit counterpart. It’s a move that screams, “Play us on the radio. Please!” But I have to admit, the song is funky and catchy as hell. Having listened to the album nearly 30 times this past week, the double dose of “Ghetto Barbie” is wreaking havoc on my mental faculties.

With crystal-clear production, the tune may sound radio-ready. But that doesn’t mean radio is ready for this. I guess when you layer chocolate on bacon, you can’t expect everyone to love it. But that shouldn’t stop you from selling it.

Elephantbear plays Nectar’s every Monday in April. - Seven Days - Josh Waldman, Burlington, VT

"An email from Jimmy Fink to elephantbear"

We recently mailed our cd to Jimmy Fink. In case you're unaware of who Jimmy Fink is, check out his Wikipedia entry at the bottom of the page:

The email:

Hey Tim-
Thanks for sending the ElephantBear CD to me. I gave it a quick run through, which turned out to be not so quick as I listened to songs longer than I usually do when auditioning CD's. I was very impressed by the musicianship on the CD and the songs themselves. Eternally Complete, Hide & Go Seek and Stronger Me all quality tunes, complicated and interesting. Between the Lines, very unusual, intricate and captivating. Green Canvas Box, a very high quality modern rock tune. Dark Route, very Steely Dan-ish with its jazz overtones and demonstration of what accomplished musicians you all are.....same with Improv @ the Monopole.
I get CD's from people all the time, and its very rare that I get one as good as yours. Great production values & use of the studio makes for a fine sounding first effort (if it is your first??). It's obvious that you guys have put alot of work into the songs. That's usually the problem with most of the CD's I sample.....the songs just aren't good. Not so with ElephantBear....its also obvious that you & Mike have worked on songs together for a while. I will pass on the CD to Chris Bro with my high recommendation that he checks it out in detail and we'll just have to see where it goes from there. Also, if you guys have any interest in playing at the Pleasantville Music Festival in the summer (July 12) I can pass on your contact info to the people who run it. In years past Shawn Mullins, the Damnwells, DeSol, World Party and a bunch of other have played there....its a great showcasing venue, and also fun.
Please tell Mike that I love the artwork as well!!
Jimmy Fink

Wikepedia entry:

Jimmy Fink is a New York Radio personality.

Born & raised in Eastchester, New York and has a BA in Speech Arts/Communications from The American University in Washington DC. While at American University he was essential to the early development of the college radio station, WAMU-AM, and also worked at the legendary rock station WHFS in Bethesda Maryland. Later he studied electronic music at The New School for Social Research in New York City.

Jimmy Fink began his professional radio career in the fledgling days of New York FM radio at WABC-FM, which later became WPLJ. From 1970 to 1983 he worked for WPLJ as an on air personality and is one of the better known on-air personalities in New York FM radio. In 1985, he was one of the first New York air personalities to join the new K-Rock, WXRK in New York City.

Jimmy Fink has also done voice-over work for HBO, Cinemax and various commercial clients. He was the long time producer for various nationally syndicated shows on the ABC Rock Radio Network, including Rock & Roll Legends a daily calendar of rock events and New Waves, an interview program focusing on rock star's youth & upbringing. Rolling Stone Magazine's Continuous History of Rock & Roll, which was written & produced by Jimmy Fink, was heard world-wide on 140 radio ststions. His interviews with rock stars have been featured in hundreds of radio programs. He was the host of Rock Watch, a nationally syndicated show for the United Stations Radio Network.

Jimmy Fink can currently be heard as the afternoon drive time host on 107.1 The Peak, WXPK-FM a suburban New York radio station owned by Pamal Broadcasting. - Jimmy Fink, 107.1 The Peak, WXPK-FM, writer and producer of “Rolling Stone Magazine’s Continuous His

"You know a CD is phenomenal when you start singing along..."

You know a CD is phenomenal when you start singing along...(hopefully no one was listening to my singing)...but the CD is well worth singing to!

Elephantbear is “A Rockin’ New Musical Monster,” from Plattsburgh, NY. They are Musical Geniuses with their Eclectic Pop-Rock sound, they’ve incorporated Funk, Punk, Jazz, Classic Rock, and Jam Rock influences into their music. Elephantbear plays up to their original combobulation of a name by mixing up their sounds on the CD. You have to hear the entire CD to get a real feel of what they are capable of doing with their music. Some songs are more Jazz and others more Pop Rock...but it’s all in what you hear...their style is unique and you might not realize it, but your going get wrapped up in it to the point you might just take a liking to new genre.

Elephantbear is a group of very multi-talented musicians, and you’ll agree after hearing their songs. “Eternally Incomplete” has a very upbeat tempo, Pop Rock/Classic Rock sound, an unforgettable song. “Hide and Go Seek” is Pop/Funk which changes up to a Jazzy sound...seamlessly, it also has an exceptional saxophone solo. “Stronger Me & Ghetto Barbie” are more of that Pop Rock/Classic Rock sound. “Between the Lines” starts off with an interesting and tantalizing drum beat in which the bass comes in to play along. A very unique sound that plays throughout the song before blending with a little softer, rounded sound. I had to listen to the song twice I was so hung up on the melody, it kept pulling me in to hear it again. “Make You Say Wow” definitely stands out, not only because it has that LIVE sound but because it has a Louisiana /Jazz feel to it. ”Green Canvas Box & Dark Route have that Funk, Techno sound to them twisted in a Pop Rock sound all its own. And then you hear “Improv” an instrumental song they recorded - ‘a Twisted/Blended Jam Rock all the way to the end - which truly rounds out the extent of these awesome musicians.

This is a CD that no matter what you prefer to listen to, this CD is a must to be listened too! I know you’ll find at least one song that will stay with you, long after you shut the music off. Definetly a keeper for my iTunes!!

To hear some of their music go to: www.myspace.com/elephantbear. --- - FourthCoastEntertainment.com


"Eternally Incomplete" The Buzz 99.9 FM;
"Hide and Go Seek" Chris Bro's NEXT! 107.1 the PEAK Peekskill, NY;
"Between the Lines" and "Green Canvas Box" WOJB 88.9 FM Reserve, WI;
"Hide and Go Seek" CJSF FM 90.1 Burnaby, B.C.;

Internet Radio: Steamcast.com, BreakThru Radio (New York, NY), Plattsburgh Pipeline Radio,



It' was an exciting 2009 for Elephantbear as they toured in support of their February 2008 debut album Hide and Go Seek. During Elephantbear’s 2009 run they were lucky to be able to play a string of shows with Trey Anastasio Band's drummer Russ Lawton holding down the groove for some great moments. In non-performing news, Elephantbear became an official endorsee of DR Guitar Strings!

E’bear members used what little down time they had for no, not rest, but more music. Mike Pedersen was thrilled to get to play a full set with Michael Franti and Spearhead at the after show party at Mountain Jam V. Mike also had the good fortune to win Burlington's 2009 Singer/Songwriter contest sponsored by Advance Music, 104.7 The POINT, and Magic Hat Brewing Company. Tim Collins recorded an album of jazz/fusion originals with 8 string guitar wizard Charlie Hunter. Charlie produced and played bass on the album.

Elephantbear was also one of 10 great bands to be featured on The Healthy Hippie’s inaugural CD for March/April of 2009, with the song “Hide and Go Seek“ which also was played on Chris Bro's NEXT! On 107.1 the PEAK Peekskill, NY.

Being played on NEXT! Lead to Elephantbear’s song “Hide and Go Seek” to be included in 2 Top-Rated I-Mixes, NEXT week 106 and BEST of NEXT 2008.

All the while E’bear members have been performing and fine tuning new songs at open mikes on almost a nightly basis, for their upcoming trip to the studio. Things continue to grow and look up!

Elephantbear, from Upstate New York, is fronted by the promising young songwriter and guitarist Mike Pedersen. He has won comparisons to artists like Snow Patrol, Ben Lee, and the Foo Fighters because of their smartly written, deftly executed, and highly original brand of rock. Sharing the songwriting duties with Pedersen are his longtime friend and collaborator, the multi-talented musician extraordinaire Tim Collins and bassist George Facteau. Collins, who plays drums for Elephantbear, grew up playing and writing music with Pedersen in their hometown of Plattsburgh, N.Y. and is also a noted jazz vibraphonist.

The band members draw on their own diverse individual influences to create a pop-rock sound that seamlessly incorporates elements of funk, punk, classic rock, jam rock, and jazz into one unique and vibrant groove.

We're pretty sure this band is on their way to the big time! Now's your chance to check them out before everybody else is in on the secret! Their smart and original compositions, coupled with the band's skillful musicianship and carefully orchestrated pop arrangements, make for really complete pop-rock tunes that easily outdo anything you'll catch on the airwaves or MTV these days." -- JPMC Music Inc. (BMI)