Elephant M.

Elephant M.

 Austin, Texas, USA

A colorful genre bending band. No song will sound alike; yet, all will feel like they are from the same home.


Elephant M. is a collaboration between two very different types of musicians. Bradley and TIMPO have been playing music together since 2004 in several different bands. While achieving success on a very local level, the mix of artists in these bands was not right. To make it right, Bradley and TIMPO broke out on their own at the end of 2009, when they ventured into the studio to record Elephant M.'s debut album The Lonely.
With Bradley at the helm, engineering, producing and mastering the album, Elephant M. has put together an amazing album that incorporates their wide variety of musical and artistic influences.

Background: Bradley Calhoun

In addition to being a musician at heart, Bradley Calhoun is quickly becoming one of the most sought after producers in Austin. His ability to sculpt artists’ sound to bring out their best has led to these artists’ early success.
He produced Erin Ivey’s EP titled “The Sweet Little EP”, which has seen substantial radio airplay in Austin. Since Bradley’s production of her EP, The Recording Conservatory of Austin named her one of the city's Top 4 Unsigned Artists, Erin landed the role in the Reid’s Dry Cleaning commercial, and in October of 2009 she graced the cover of Austin Monthly. In addition the work with Erin, Bradley has recently produced records for: The Earth Tone Players, who were finalists in Famecast.com’s band competition; John Dee Graham who was inducted into the Austin Musician Hall of Fame and a local Austin guitar hero; and Edison Chair, a group of 17 year old virtuosos who the public will know in due time. He has also recorded and produced a live album for bands like Sleeperstar (recently picked up by Stealth Management) at the world famous Stubb’s.
Per the artists’ request, he has played and/or sung on nearly every album he has produced for these artists. Bradley plays a wide variety of instruments including guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, finger cymbals, triangle, and pretty much any instrument he picks up. Over the years, he has also written, recorded, and produced over 50 songs for his own bands and for other artists. This year, he co-wrote a song, which features Black Joe Lewis's horn section, who recently appeared on the Late Late Show With Craig Furgeson. The song will be used in the opening credits of a film featuring the Dancing With The Stars dancers.

Background: TIMPO

Since 1995, TIMPO has been providing tight beats and rhythms for numerous artist in the studio and on stage. Recently he has provided drums and rhythm tracks on Lyndsay Shulz's, Kyle Spitzer's and Mr. & Mrs. Mays' most recent albums. However, TIMPO's skills are not limited to banging on the bongos like a chimpanzee. He also programs and records electronic music on the side, which Elephant. M has incorporated on its debut album.


The Lonely

Set List

Can play sets ranging 5 min- 2 hours. No covers. Set list changes on a regular basis.