Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade


"Hauntingly melodic, Brooklyn's Elephant Parade betray their cumbersome name with delicate, heart-wrenching pop. A boy, a girl, a keyboard—sure it's been done before, but never so effortlessly." (3hive.com)


Estelle first met Ido at a bad eighties party in New York’s east village. The pair found a lot of common grounds when trying to compose a list of music they would play if they could take over the DJ booth. They came to know each other better: Estelle was a veteran of the Gainesville, FL indie pop scene, where she released two albums with Brittle Stars (ShelfLife records) and has been recording (and performing) with New York rock group, Human Television (Gigantic records). Ido, a video artist from Israel, was at the time playing with a New York rock band called Pale Blue Jeans.

Together, they formed Elephant Parade in the spring of 2005, recording songs in their bedrooms using cheap PC-chat microphones and freeware audio software. They started playing shows that summer, performing at such New York City venues as CBGB’s, Sin-e, Delancey, Northsix and Pianos, along with such artists as Beirut, and Chris Garneau, while generating buzz about town.

After being praised by numerous mp3 blogs (including the trend setting 3hive.com and You ain't no Picasso), Elephant Parade's myspace profile quickly shot to the top of the myspace charts. Today the band enjoys a steady spot on myspace's top 50 folk and indie charts, over 145,000 plays and 5,000 fans. Elephant Parade's recent video, for "Goodbye", has quickly passed the 10,000 views counter on youtube.

In 2006 the pair released Bedroom Recordings, a home made LP. Available only online and with no promotion whatsoever, the pair sold hundreds of copies of the album out of their tiny bedroom in New York, making Elephant Parade a prominent independent act in the local indie scene.

The band is now working on their new album, set for release later this year.


"Bedroom Recordings" LP 2006 (self-released)

Set List

Typical set runs around 40 minutes and includes 10 original songs, some from our album, some new.

For You
Riding in your Car
Thirteen Things
Friday Night
Boat Song
Everything Burns
Crazy Boyfriend