Dramatic Rock and Roll


Elephants live in Lexington, Kentucky, where we enjoy riding our bikes, staring up at the stars, sharing our food, and making music. We write songs filled with whimsy and pain, piss, vinegar and love. We don’t use a lot of fancy equipment or distracting effects, and we believe that if fashion is how you make a shirt, then tenderly is how you write a song.
Since the birth of our band in 2002, Elephants have toured throughout the Southeast, performing in Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and we play in New York for the CMJ Music Marathon 2005.


Our first Gold Cassette was released on Baptistic Prant, ex-drummer and Warmer Milks founder Mike Turner’s local tape label. Vulture Records, another Lexington label, produced our 12" vinyl record Carver and The Rose Attic. Our friends Robert Schneider (Apples In Stereo) and Paul Puckett helped record the album. We quickly followed up Carver… with a 7” single, featuring the songs “Music Machine” (side A) and “Jesus” (side B), which was released on Paper Records, another local label.

Set List

We usually try to limit ourselves to 45 minutes at the most, which usually means about 8 or so songs. All together we have about 20 + songs. We are constantly writing new songs and reworking or throwing out old ones. So we try to change it up a bit