Elephants in Mud

Elephants in Mud

 Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
BandHip HopReggae

EiM is a hard-hitting, groove centered, dub-rock band from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Tipping their hats to reggae, hip-hop & modern dance stylings, they mix wordplay wisdom with feel-good dance music, experimenting with any and all sounds possible to stimulate the brains and bodies of their beloved fans.


Since 2003, EiM has seen many places and faces that have influenced the sound it is today. From the factories & cornfields of Ft. Wayne, Indiana to the surfs & streets of San Diego, California, EiM continues their journey around the globe, spreading their love of music, and call of consciousness to all those they come in contact with.

Drawing influence from varying styles such as old school dub/reggae, soul music, midwest music festivals, lyrical hip-hop, and all-the-while maintaining an early DIY punk ethos, EiM prides themselves on being able to put the people they love the most, their fans, in a state of blissed-out musical euphoria.

Now on a mission to canvas the world with their music, town-by-town, they continue to expand and add to their original sound and provide all those lucky enough to discover them with instant access to a head-nodding, genre-smashing party for your body and your dome-piece.

Life is beautiful.................with the right soundtrack.


Death of the Dub Souldiers (LP) (2005)

Live @ Dreamstreet (LP) (2007)

Live @ Earlybird's (LP) (2009)

The Main St. Sessions (EP) (2011)

Where is My Mind, etc. (single) (2011)

How the Hell are You? (Full Length) (2011)

Stairwell (EP) (2011)