Elephants On Acid

Elephants On Acid


Taking the blueprint of late 60's blues rock and mid 70's hard rock, adding some boogie and making it their own... hard rocking magnificence!! - Jumbo Records Their music is engaging, fun, surprising catchy, and they clearly evoke some of the biggest names of rock without sounding like a rip off!


Elephants on Acid first got together in January 2008 after two nights and two days of jamming in a dusty Hyde Park basement in Leeds. Since the early days of jamming out the first songs and recording to tape player, Elephants on Acid are still rockin out!
Elephants got gigging early 2008 around the UK and haven't stopped since. Their fearless live performances amazed hundreds of gig goers, some of whom became fans instantly. The mass of shaking hair provided by the little monster of a bass player Q, in contrast with the stone-cold eyeballs of keyboardist Eyeballs, terrified the audience and seemed to work like a magnet for their ears.
EOA have been called ‘The new Doors’, ‘The Mothers of all Cream’ and ‘Psychedelic blues monsters’ for a good reason: no one has heard anything close to their sound since 1969!
'Hyde Park Freak Out' is the latest (and fourth) Elephants On Acid EP. 'From Tusk Till Dawn' the debut album also came out 1st October. See the Discography below if you'd like to purchase one of the CD's through PayPal or the album through iTunes.
Elephants record and gig all the time, so watch out because they'll be coming to a town near you soon...


'Elephants on Acid' EP -
April 2008

'Whisky and Good Times' EP -
November 2008

'High And Dry' EP -
March 2009

'Hyde Park Freak Out' EP -
December 2009

'From Tusk Till Dawn' Debut Album (65 Mins) -
October 2009

Set List

Set list aranged for any venue/festival/atmosphere.
All originals from our EP's/Album