Elephant Theory

Elephant Theory

 Campbell, Ohio, USA
BandHip Hop

Two Brothers who love sharing the gospel of Christ through music, preaching, teaching in all venues and settings. We just want to have the opportunity to present the truth to the World. Oh yeah the Elephant is in the room and it won't be overlooked.
Good Music, Christ and life centered.


Elephant Theory Bio
The Journey for these two brothers have been a long and promising road. Coming from a long line of Pastors, Ministers, and Evangelist these two have been groomed for outreach to the masses. After Many years of outreach this duo is ready to present their sound to the world.
Brandon and Sean Robinson, Born and raised in Ohio have always been surrounded by music. Their late father Pastor David A. Robinson Sr. was 1/4th member of the gospel singing group the Robinson Brothers. Seeing that, they knew that this would be what they would offer to the world.
At the early ages of 14 and 12 these two brothers decided that they would interpret their message though Rap music. So they formed a group that was forwarded the opportunity to rap in their home church. Their father pushed them in that direction even more knowing that this would be the sound of the future that would influence this generation and beyond. From that point and thru 17 years of ministry the two have faithfully shared their life experiences and the truth of the gospel to many. Although they haven’t always kept on the straight and narrow path, grace has allowed them to walk with Christ in reverence to him as the savior of their lives and many others.?



Written By: Elephant Theory

Im Glad to be alive doing all things thru Christ won't you stay alive 4x
Im Glad to be alive in Christ devil tried to take my life so I'm
Walking in the things of Christ loving and living my life,
This is my life.


New Music from Elephant Theory coming Early 2011.
1. Warriors of the Cross - Triumph 2005.
2. Carnival - Step Right Up 2007.
3. Carnival - Population of Invisible People 2009.
And a host of other albums including mixtapes.

Set List

Depends on the venue and time restrictions....