Elephant Thoughts Interactive experiences

Elephant Thoughts Interactive experiences

 Collingwood, Ontario, CAN
BandPopChildren's Music

Intriguing, leading-edge experiences to draw crowds. BodyZorb Party in an inflatable 75' racetrack. Hands on science- huge laughs. We are a children's charity, so we are passionate about kids having a great time and developing a love for science.


Our story is, we are have been in more that 100 First Nations communities; we have a retail store, an environmental film series and entertain at top Ontario festivals. Rogers Centre's Spring Fling was our biggest client and we wowed the crowds with slime, rocket ballons, reptiles, dry ice, dinosaur bones, ultra violet bracelets and magic Shrinky Dink keychains that shrink 1/5 their size before kids' eyes.

We have unique offering that are matched only by science centres and museums. Professional staff come to the event and prices are reasonable - kids love us!

We are not a band; we are entertainment with an educational spin. Kids experience excitement- the joy of creating, designing and using their bodies and minds to have fun. We have won an Ashoka Changemakers award for our innovative approaches to teaching. Our programs are led by instructors and designed to be used in science workshops. We've taught science across the country, all the way up to Baffin Island.