Elephant Wrecking Ball

Elephant Wrecking Ball

 New York City, New York, USA

Elephant Wrecking Ball is unlike anything you've ever heard before. An unorthodox trombone trio with a powerful and organic sound, we utilize unique, scientific tones for total cosmic demolition. People of Earth, prepare yourself for the sonic destruction that is Elephant Wrecking Ball!


Scott was just a humble student of the Berklee College of Music in his 2nd year of school, doing part time work over the summer testing video games, when he decided to spend half of his summer pay check on several f/x pedals for his trombone. Thus began Scott's quest towards making a trio where he could utilize and maximize his new sonic potential, freshly endowed with a new palette of sounds at his disposal.

In looking for bandmates to start this group of unprecedented scientific destruction, he did not need to look very far. As a fulltime member of internationally touring reggae group John Brown's Body, he was fortunate to be closely connected with the top musicians of the thriving music scene in Boston, Massachusetts. He found a drummer and bass player who were not only fully accomplished musicians in their own right, playing with Boston-bred touring groups like Dopapod, Cashed Fools, and Tubby Love, but additionally they played so well together as a pair that it was truly frightening. Seeing as how the three of them were already good friends, it seemed natural and easy to start such an exciting musical group with people that already enjoyed each other as fellow humans. Also Berklee alumni, they are Dan Africano from the Washington DC area on the bass, and on the drums, Neal "Fro" Evans from Boulder, CO.

Elephant Wrecking Ball is a group of seasoned professionals who not only play their instruments very well, but also serve up fresh, original, unique music for all to enjoy. Drawing from everything from death metal, to heavy dub, from avant garde to electronic, their unorthodox sounds combined with their universally accesible high energy make for a musical experience unlike any other.


The Spacement Sessions, Vol 1 and 2. Self released, self distributed. Available at www.elephantwreckingball.com, facebook and myspace.