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Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Country Roots




"ALBUM REVIEW: Eleri Angharad’s ‘Earthbound’"

Fast rising Welsh Country Artist Eleri Angharad is gearing up for the release of her debut album ‘Earthbound’ which is scheduled for an April 12th release and here at Belles and Gals we have been lucky enough to have an early listen to the LP ahead of its release next month.

The album opens with the title track and it’s a wonderful opening as it ensures listeners are tuned in to her sweet vocal tone that shares a similar tone to that of Clare Bowen and has a beautiful guitar led production and a standout Country production.

The LP grows and grows throughout the 12 song tracklist and features a gorgeous selection of standout tracks that shine a light on the vocal and songwriting prowess Angharad possesses. The UK Country scene is growing at a rapid pace and it wont be long until Eleri Angharad is a name on everyone’s lips.

Major standouts on the record include the title track, ‘Sunburn’ which has an extremely sweet production that allows for Eleri’s voice to soar, ‘Don’t Take Me Home’ which drives the album into exciting new avenues showcasing a more upbeat vibe that allows the CD to grow and this will no doubt be a huge crowd pleaser when performed live by the South Wales artist and ‘Stronger Stuff’ meanwhile has an extremely exciting traditional country/folk vibe that leads into bluesy tones and gives the ‘Earthbound’ album an exciting twist.

Overall ‘Earthbound’ is a wonderful debut album from a multi-talented Country artist who has major talent and showcases that she is ready and deserving of a place within the UK scene. South Wales has a special artist in Eleri Angharad and her music deserves to be heard, supported and nurtured by the British fans. - Belles & Gals


By Rebecca Haslam · On May 13, 2019

With country music undergoing a considerable resurgence in recent years, there’s now another voice for the world to sit up and take note of – Eleri Angharad who has now released her debut album Earthbound.

Opening with the title track, the collection gets off to a strong start and fans of the TV show Nashville might even find themselves comparing Eleri’s vocal delivery to that of Clare Bowen. With a gorgeous guitar led ‘backdrop’, the song is both beautiful and sweet in its production and delivery.

‘Sunburn’, track 3 on the album, is an undeniable highlight, with the production and instrumentation once again working perfectly with one another to add simple support to Angharad’s stunning and soaring delivery of each lyric. There’s a more upbeat feel to ‘Don’t Take Me Home’ which will almost certainly make it a fan favourite at live shows, while anyone looking for a track delivered with more of the traditional sounding country/folk sound need look no further than ‘Stronger Stuff’ although there is a little twist in the track when the music shifts slightly into a more bluesy sound – it perhaps shouldn’t work, but it REALLY does.

‘Stuck On You’ is a fantastic slice of country pop, with lyrics that many who hear them will no doubt connect with, especially if they have an ex they can’t seem to get rid of in some form or another while the piano on ‘Blood Strong’ is both stunning and mesmerising and on that basis alone, the track is worthy of numerous repeat listens. There’s a real ethereal sound to Eleri’s delivery on ‘Staircase’, a sound that was strong enough to have goose-bumps appear on my arms by mid-way through the song. In closing with an acoustic version of the albums’ title track, Eleri once again returns the listeners’ attention – not that it will likely have left it – to the utter beauty of her voice. With the instrumentation completely stripped back, the simplicity of the song and the way in which she delivers it is enough to utterly enthrall anyone who hears it.

For a new talent, Eleri Angharad is most certainly one to watch and, having created an album that takes the listener on a rather impressive journey, it will be exciting to see just where the journey will continue to take both herself and her fans in the months and years to come. - God Is In The TV Zine

"Track of the Day: Eleri Angharad “Earthbound (Acoustic)” (2019)"

Ahead of the release of her Earthbound on Friday, April 12th, Swansea based singer-songwriter Eleri Angharad has released an acoustic rendition of the album’s title track in anticipation.

Inspired by a North American road-trip, which saw Angharad perform in Nashville, Greensboro, Chicago and New York, the album is a blend of traditional country music, with its rich storytelling, and contemporary pop music. “Earthbound” and the album of the same name, to me, brings to mind the likes of Grammy winner Kasey Musgraves, Claire Bowen and Scottish singer-songwriter Karine Polwart.

On the track in question Angharad strips it all back to just her vocal and guitar accompaniment. It’s a smart move, placing greater emphasis on her beautiful vocal performance. It’s personal, unabashedly intimate and emotive. According to Angharad: ”I wrote Earthbound when I couldn’t sleep. It’s about that moment when you’re having the time of your life doing something you probably shouldn’t and slowly reality dawns on you as the morning light sets in”

Whilst, the rest of the album is more involved in terms of instrumentation, with Angharad corralling a number of local musicians to appear on the record, the whole album benefits from the same strong songwriting that birthed “Earthbound”. Give it a listen! - The AU Review

"Eleri Angharad: Earthbound Album Review"

Coming all the way from Swansea, South Wales you have the exceptional Eleri Angharad. Not only is she a Welsh songbird but she’s also a sublime songwriter. At this moment in time she had a handful of singles and 2 impeccable EPs to her name. These mini albums being Ticket To The Sky in 2014 and All I Can Do in 2016 (this EP was funded by the BBC’s Horizon’s scheme). Now I’ve not listened to the debut EP due to it being untraceable but the sophomore was a whimsical slice of sheer bliss. Also Eleri’s vocals were sweetly refreshing.

Aside from that Angharad is a surname which she adopts. It’s actually a Welsh for much loved one and based on her YouTube videos/ songs I’m positive she’s an adorable person in person.

12th April 2019 saw the unveiling of debut LP Earthbound via Train Track Records. If you are a fan of the country pop genre then this amazing album is one you need to listen too. Anyhow Earthbound comprises of 11 wondrous tunes all of which were written by Eleri. There were a couple of co writes with Owen Powell (Never Get To Say Goodbye), Naomi Heap (Stronger Stuff) & Sam Gardner (Blood Strong).

This amazing LP was recorded at Woodcroft in Cardiff and produced by Lee House, previous sound engineer at Acapela Studio who has also worked with Welsh artists Amy Wadge and Cerys Matthews. the tracks showcased featured performances from many local musicians: Scott Mckeon (Rusty Shackle) on Mandolin, Fiddle and Banjo, Sioned Maskell (FIOLED) on fiddle, Jordan Shamsaee on harmonica and Steven Priest on Electric guitar as well as Lee himself on various instruments.

So far this impeccable album release has already spawned 3 singles and these being This Ship, Smokey Steel Lights and most recently Earthbound.


Still I’ve listened to the exquisite Earthbound a number of times and I cannot help but lavish praise on this full length. With country music being on the rise, this Welsh wonder could quite easily make waves. Well this majestic record opened up with Earthbound and this being a right toe tapper. Everything about this compelling cut was spot on, the instrumentation radiated gorgeous country vibes and then you had Eleri’s super sweet vocal tones which hooked me. Then you get to those story telling lyrics which depicted a fractured relationship. Still this outstanding number was perfectly penned and I especially adored the usage of the banjo. This Ship was a phenomenal tune which left me utterly hypnotised. There was a richness to the melody, those vocals were a breath of fresh air whilst the lyrics told the story of a relationship break up. In this instance the ship refers to the relationship, Eleri can take control sink the ship and walk away. Sunburn was a chirpy piece of country pop. This number had been perfectly crafted, Angharad’s charming tones soared till the very end and then those wondrous words told the story of super sad story of a Summer relationship which resulted inEleri getting burnt as she really liked this guy. My favourite portion of this number had to be the punchy chorus. Don’t Take Me Home was an upbeat gem which resonated plenty of folk vibes. Those lyrics were addictive, Eleri’s tantalising tones were sleek whilst the melody resulted in a foot stomper. Chicago was an extremely beautiful number aided by Angarad’s candy coated vocals and refreshing/ mesmeric lyrics. I adored this number, that relaxing melody was pleasing on my ear and at the same time I was smiling from beginning to end. However there were dashes of emotion within the lyrics as Eleri reflected on a past relationship which ended so she could follow her dream. Stronger Stuff was a country tinged barn stormer which had me tapping my toe. Now this was a empowering anthem which I fell for hook, line and sinker. The whole vocal delivery had me envisioning Ashley Campbell. Smokey Steel Lights was the 2nd track to receive the single treatment and it’s literally a dreamy piece of Americana. Whereas Chicago revolved around travelling this heart warming number centred around coming home. The pacey Stuck On You was an upbeat country pop jam whilst those lyrics focused on an ex partner who you cant shake off “So I’ll focus on the bad times/ And I’ll leave out all the good/ And it will help me to forget you/ But I know I never could/ I’ll hold on to the moments/ Loving you is getting tough/ And I’ll remember how I cried/ Cos I could never be enough/ It’s true/ I’m Stuck On You”. Following on you had the mesmeric Blood Strong, this dazzling number was a super sweet piano ballad which I fell for hook, line and sinker. Eleri’s vibrant vocals were breathtaking and those luscious lyrics were uplifting. Never Get To Say Goodbye was a folk tinged tune aided by whimsical lyrics and a mesmerising vocal delivery. It actually focused on a relationship that’s going round in circles, you know it’s not going to the next level but you have a weakness for this person meaning you’ll never say goodbye. Earthbound then reached its end with Staircase, this was a majestic song aided by wondrous lyrics and Angharad’s ethereal/ angelic vocal tones which literally took my breath away. Things literally came full circle and it was an acoustic version of Earthbound which ended a startling LP. Just like the opener, this was a sugary sweet tune which told a story which focused on a fractured relationship. Anyhow it was a right pleasure to her this captivating cut stripped back. Shivers were literally running down my spine. - Music Is My Radar

"Country/Pop artist Eleri Angharad to release debut album ‘Earthbound’"

Swansea-based artist Eleri Angharad is thrilled to announce that her debut album ‘Earthbound’ will be released through Train Track Records on April 12th 2019.
Inspired by a North American road trip, where she performed in Nashville, Greensboro, Chicago and New York, Eleri blends traditional US Country Music storytelling with the catchy melodies of modern Pop, drawing influences from James Taylor, Kacey Musgraves and Taylor Swift.
Eleri has previously gained airplay on BBC Radio Wales, BBC6 Music, Nation Radio and playlisted on BBC Radio Cymru – with her last EP funded by the BBC Horizon’s scheme. ‘What a beautiful and crystalline voice!’ – Adam Walton, BBC Wales
Captivated by Nashville artists, unapologetically spilling their hearts out and telling stories of heartbreak, travelling and coming home, Eleri explores these themes in her upcoming album ‘Earthbound’; body of work based on her travels around the US, Ireland and Sweden, co-written with former Catatonia writer and guitarist, Owen Powell and Cardiff based singer/songwriter Naomi Rae.
Eleri Angharad is excited to unveil the third single off her debut album, the acoustic version of ‘Earthbound’, which is now available on all streaming platforms. With this new track, she shows us a more personal side of her artistry and accompanies the release with a music video directed by Jordan Shamsaee & Matthew Brayley.
“My new music is fuelled by my passion for Nashville guitar driven, organic sounds blended with the roots of my Welsh upbringing. Encompassing all of my emotions around relationships, travels, friendships and coming home ‘Earthbound’ is the most honest collection of songs I’ve ever written”
The album was recorded at Woodcroft in Cardiff and produced by Lee House, previous sound engineer at Acapela Studio who has also worked with Welsh Artists Amy Wadge and Cerys Matthews. The album tracks feature performances from many local musicians: Scott Mckeon (Rusty Shackle) on Mandolin, Fiddle and Banjo, Sioned Maskell (FIOLED) on fiddle, Jordan Shamsaee on harmonica and Steven Priest on Electric guitar as well as Lee himself on various instruments.
Eleri is very excited to release her album at a bespoke launch party on April 13th at Little Man Coffee Co, Cardiff in collaboration with Rare Events before embarking on her first UK wide tour, playing cities including Liverpool, Bristol, London, York and Brighton as well as her hometown of Swansea. - Vents Magazine

"ELERI ANGHARAD, “Earthbound” (acoustic)"

Although she classifies herself as a Country artist but hails from Wales, Eleri Angharad has a lot of pop potential if the acoustic version of the title track from her recent album is any indication. She could easily ride the wave of popularity created by the likes of Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris, though she definitely has her own take on her craft. In fact the vocal on “Earthbound” reminds me a lot of California duo Bahari’s contribution to electronic sensation Illenium’s “Crashing”, so I could visualize her in that setting as well. Recording acoustically is not recommended unless you can really prove yourself and Eleri has no problem instilling her appealing personality into this performance. - Bill CS Music Blog


Earthbound Album 2019
Earthbound (Acoustic) Single 2019
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Eleri Angharad is a fresh new voice on the UK Country scene from Swansea, South Wales. Inspired by a North American road trip, where she performed in Nashville, Chicago and New York, Eleri blends traditional Country Music storytelling with Celtic folk and catchy Pop melodies, drawing influences from James Taylor, Clare Bowen and Kacey Musgraves. 

Captivated by Nashville artists’ stories of heartbreak, travelling and coming home, Eleri explores these themes in her debut album ‘Earthbound’; body of work based on her travels around the US, Ireland and Sweden, co-written with Owen Powell of Catatonia and Cardiff based singer/songwriter Naomi Rae. 

Tracks include banjo driven title track ‘Earthbound’, which was added to the Welsh A-List on BBC Radio Wales for 5 weeks following its release. “Didn’t we step into Nashville there!” - Eleri Sion. “What a crystalline and beautiful voice!” - Adam Walton.

Eleri recently embarked on her first UK tour, with dates in Manchester, Brighton, and London, as well as two sold out Album Launch shows in Cardiff and her hometown of Swansea. With a wealth of performances under her belt, and an exciting Summer of festivals ahead (How The Light Gets In, Live On The Wye, Home Farm Fest…) Eleri is currently touring Europe, with dates in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Austria. 

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