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Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | INDIE

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | INDIE
Band EDM Latin


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Eletrosamba - Eletrosamba I (SonyMusic-2004)
Various - EletrosambaFunksambaGroove (Som Livre - 2005)
Various- Daslu Classics (Sony Music - 2005)
Various - Brazilian Beats Vol.6 (Mr Bongo - 2005)
Various - Chili Brazil Vol. 4 (Warner - 2006)
Various - Samba Novo (Som Livre - 2007)
Variou - Nuth Loungue (Nuth - 2009)
Eletrosamba - Eletrosamba II (Cd-Promo 2010)



EletroSamba creates a new music concept combining Samba-rock and Brazilian rhythms with electronic beats. A mixture of Samba-rock (Sambalanço), Samba and Maracatu to RAP beats, R&B, Break Beat and Drum and Bass. The band is composed by César Belieny (from Nocaute band; bass and vocals), DJ Negralha (O Rappa band; pick-ups and programming) Felipe Rodarte (guitar and sound effects), Waltinho A.C. (Mangueira; former Funk’n Lata member; percussion and vocals) and Wellington Soares (AfroRio percussionist; has played with O Rappa; Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and many others ). This innovative sound was born inside Melt night club, in the southern area of Rio de Janeiro city in 2002, to promote dancing concerts, modernizing classics from Brazilian black music, Jorge Ben Jor, Tim Maia, Orlandivo, Itamar Assumpção and Bebeto, godfather of the band. At that location, one day, singer Daniela Mercury watched the concert and took the band for a performance on her “tecnotrio” during Carnaval festivities in Bahia. Mercury recorded one of their hits called “A Dona da Banca” for her CD entitled Eletrodoméstico. Successful in Rio, they performed at big festivals such as Coca-Cola Vibe Zone (being the only band playing both nights), Telefônica Open Air, Vivo Open Air, Skol Rio, Festival de Verão do Rio and twice on the main stage of the New Year’s Eve celebration 2003 and 2004 in Copacabana. They also performed with: Jorge Ben Jor, Cidade Negra, O Rappa, Elba Ramalho, Marcelo D2, Seu Jorge, Ivete Sangalo, Zeca Pagodinho, Mr. Catra, Pedro Luis e a Parede, Alceu Valença, Bebeto, Daniela Mercury, Lulu Santos, DJ Marlboro, Monobloco among others. Successful in Brazil, with songs on the top radio charts, they had many concerts around the country. They toured UK, at the Art Festival in Selfridge, with 17 performances. It was the only independent band to take part in the event. On the same year, EletroSamba’s unique sound granted it with a nomination for the Multishow Awards (Prêmio Multishow) for best upcoming group. The great outcome of the band with its fans called the attention of Sony Music recording label, which released their first album on October 2004 (EletroSamba) in Brazil and internationally by Sony Internacional, making it available in Japan, Europe, The United States and Mexico. Their self-titled album has 13 tracks, most of them well-known by the public as “16 Toneladas” by Noriel Vilela, “Bebete Vãobora” and “Mas que Nada” by Jorge Ben Jor, in addition to original recordings like “Um Dia Inteiro” and “Lorolô”. The good news for 2007 is the release of the band’s second CD, produced by Marcelo Yuka, proudly, assures the satisfaction of its fans, and to win over those who are yet to become familiar with their sound. The band sticks to the recipe and says: “The repertory is made from new versions of songs that we used to listen, but not anymore” explains Waltinho A.C. “The songs on the CD send out a positive message. Despite the everyday issues, we want to bring joy to our listeners”, says Felipe Rodarte, one of the composers of their work hit “Um Dia Inteiro” which is part of the Som Livre compilation by Luciano Huck, “Eletrofunksambagroove”, and Mr. Bongo’s “Brazilian sounds Vol.6”. EletroSamba’s revival of the song “Dona da Banca” by Robson Pacífico and Aleh Ferreira, is an example of national hit reinforced by the TV show “A Diarista” from Rede Globo, which features the song as its opening theme. But how to define a music style? According to DJ Negralha “We make vanguard music that values samba-rock and regional rhythms like “Samba de raiz” with electronic beats”. "It's modern Samba-rock", explains Wellington Soares, founder of the group with DJ Negralha. The Guys: Waltinho A.C. was born and raised in Realengo, suburb of Rio de Janeiro, where he first got in touch with samba. In 82, he went to live with his family in Mangueira slum, and at the age of 15 he became a member of the Mangueira samba school percussion. In 1989 he went on his first tour in Europe. Six years later, he found out that his neighbor, Ivo Meirelles, was putting a band together and asked him to join what later became Funk'n Lata. He toured 12 countries with the group, such as the USA, Germany, Holand and Belgium. In 2002 DJ Negralha invited him to be a part of EletroSamba. He is known by the other group members as "Mangueira's Paulinho da Viola", because of his beautiful voice. Percussionist from Bahia Wellington Soares was 9 years old when he moved to Rio, where he lived in a boarding school for 5 years. At the age of 13 he moved to Caetano Veloso's house, where his mother worked, and became a music roadie. He learned percussion and in 1994 was part of the concert tour Circulandô, already as a percussionist. In 95 he played with Gilberto Gil on the Sharp Awards. He hit the road and has performed with Elba Ramalho, Timbalada among others. He was invited to play with O Rappa, with whom he stayed for seven years. During the same time he joined Dane