Elevate exists to bridge the gap between obsolete, church culture and innovative pop culture. We do this by using our gifts and talents in music to usher teenagers into the presence of God with harder, more relevant sound. We aim to take people higher in there praise experience with God.


Our goal was to create music that was relevent to the culture of today, but yet lyrically creative and simple enough to let a person express to God there feelings. We don't desire to be another christian entertainment band or the status quo praise and worship band found in most churches. We believe music can be aggresive and annointed with the presence of God. Other bands of influence either through sound or lyric would be Delirious, PAX 217, 311, and the like, however we like to be diversified in many styles and we glean from all groups. The thing that sets us apart from others would be the intense atmosphere that we create that facilitates the presence of God many have said. People have received Christ while we have been playing and that is our goal!


Our first album "push" was released in 2002 and recently we released a live worship album "taking you higher" in 2004.

Set List

Our typical set list would be 25 minutes, however we have done hour sets and one song, whatever is requested and the event requires. Typically we will do some familiar songs and some of our own creations.