Eleven 11

Eleven 11


Eleven:11 is music inspired by the 90's with the spirit of the 70's. Shyam Raj's influences from growing up in Singapore and love for grunge makes his music not just a rocking sing along but unique sounding and out of the ordinary.

Shyam is also proudly supported by Gibson Guitars .


Eleven 11 is a concept inspired rock outfit founded by Shyam Raj who upon seeing the number 11:11 frequently, took this as a sign to start a new musical project and later produced a 4 song concept EP with the theme of being broken down to be built again.

The debut Ep was engineered in The Music Lab Orlando Florida and mastered by Dave Donnelly who was also the ears behind bands like Kiss, Toto, Journey, Aero Smith and more.

Eleven 11’s music combines influences from the 90‘s with odd time riffs, dynamic transitions and minor sounding melodies that resonate as a distinct delivery of passion and art combined. Lyrically, the songs are written with a mission to uplift the listener and to inspire a thought wave of positive change.


(2011) Eleven 11 "Resurrect"

Set List

1.Why Do We Fall
2. Caroline
4.Dancing Shreya
5.Resin Smile
6.Into The Fire