What do you get when you cross a metal kid, an emo punk rocker, a top 40 writer, and a jazz based ska drummer? ELEVEN:54! With a combination of catchy songs and high energy stage presence, its impossible to deny the energy and ability of an obvious musical power house.


There comes a time when listening to music is more than just rhythms and melodies. The passion and intensity of the music, projected through musician to audience, become an emotional and physical experience. ELEVEN:54's dedication to creating that unique bond between the artist and the listener is the driving force behind the band.

ELEVEN:54 is Baltimore's latest up-and-coming musical experience. Originally formed by Ron Weber (singer/guitarist), this motivated performer was driven to find others who shared his passion and dedication to becoming a professional musician. After several lineup changes and nearly a year in the making, Ron finally found the missing pieces of what ELEVEN:54 really is. Shawn Callender (bassist/singer), Drew Bowie (lead guitarist/ singer), and Jason Booze (lead drums/singer) finally joined the band, and have made ELEVEN:54 into the talented, well-tuned, and tight-knit group it has become today.

Capturing audiences with undeniable hooks and energetic live performances, ELEVEN:54 draws its influences from bands such as Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Weezer, and The Used, while continuing to maintain there own musical identity. There is no place that they would rather be than on stage, where they have successfully made their presence known in the Baltimore/DC area. In addition to taking pride in their high energy live shows; ELEVEN:54 also has an undeniable recorded sound. Currently receiving spins on national radio stations including 98ROCK (Baltimore), DC101 (Washington DC), 96ROCK (Ocean City), and 95SX (Charleston), is their catchy, upbeat single "The Devil." This lively track features Jimmie Haha of Jimmie's Chicken Shack.

In February 2004, ELEVEN:54 was voted as 98 ROCK's Noise in the Basement “Band of the Month.” This honor, in addition to months of radio promotions, spins, live shows and festivals, is quickly making ELEVEN:54 a household name in the northeast. The pursuit of reaching a wider audience has led ELEVEN:54 to share the stage with national acts such as SR-71 (Eleven:54 CD Release Party at the Recher Theatre), the Canadian talent, Fefe Dobson (95SX Special ED's B-day Bash), Operatic (Scion Thrash and Jam Tour '04 with Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek), Jimmie's Chicken Shack, SEV, Unsane, Hed PE, Powerman 5000, and Shinedown (Thrash and Jam ' 03). ELEVEN:54 is currently setting out on a series of mini-tours along the southeast/east coast states. Through the bonds of friendship and with the talent, dedication, and ambition to reach out to others through music, ELEVEN:54 is here to stay- ready to rise to the next level and beyond!

For more information please contact:
Harris Nussbaum
HLN Management
1814 Chatelain Way
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464


This Time

Written By: Eleven:54

Verse 1

Another day is gone and still it seems another day is every day don’t you know
It seems like you don’t care about, like you don’t care about the game of love
Where nothing is fair

Pre Chorus

This time, I’d say to you


It’s easier to run away and hide
To turn away from everything
And when you keep it all inside
You can’t take away
It’ll never go away
All you had to say
Is all I had to say
Is goodbye

Verse 2

Well I’ve seen it all, a time before, before you never were much good though I Told you otherwise
And another day you might have had your way, another day you might have had your way

Pre Chorus



It’s easier to run away
And it’s easier to hide
It’s easier to turn


The Devil

Written By: Eleven:54

Verse 1
My minds blown cause you've blown every guy I know in this town
And you say that it's a sin when I bash his head in the ground

Pre Chorus
I know that this is over now
And I know that I'll get by some how

One thing I gotta say to you
Don't care if you want me to
I'm gonna get through to you and
Please please can't we just make amends
Stop bangin all my friends
I'm gonna get through to you and
Girl I'm sorry about your luck
It's that I think you suck and I'm
So sick and tired of you

Verse 2
Now you're gone and I've missed you with every bullet far
And you'd say don't straight don't pick your eyes of the ground

Pre Chorus


I'm so
So sick and tired of you
I see your true colors and
I know that I'm sick of you



Written By: ELEVEN:54

Verse 1
Sitting on top of the world
you think your living your life like a queen
Someday soon you’ll realize your looks
Won’t give you everything
And you grace the world with your presence
Bow down at your feet
If I wasn’t so in love I’d
Kick her right in her teeth

Now you’ll see
The world is not like high school
You’re an ex
beauty queen
An over rated fashion statement
I can see
Through all your made-up make-up mayhem Honeybee
You hate your life
it’s all on account of me

Verse 2
Many a man has tried to win her
Many a men like me
You were a perfect roll model student
And I was just a drug addict teen
Where are all the friends who said they’d
Be with you till the end
It’s a karma kick in the face
And the bottle is your best friend

Now it’s on tonight
Out of your white stripes
And I hate you now
Wonder what about
As I see you here
Holding him so dear
And I know what’s right
When I start this fight
And you know I’m gone
This is way to fun
And you know I’m right



We Haven't Heard of You Either [EP]
The Devil which features Jimmy Haha of Jimmies Chicken Shack is our new single that was released in early october at our sold out CD release with SR-71 at Recher Theatre. Honeybee and The Devil have been well received across the mid-atlantic area. It has received spins on a number of stations in from Baltimore to South Carolina.

Set List

The typical set usually ranges from 8-12 songs and from 42 minutes to an hour. All songs in the set are ELEVEN:54 originals. A typical set would consist of the following songs:
1. The Devil
2. Headcase
3. Can't Change
4. Stuck on You
5. Your Song
6. Something More
7. Dark and Evil
8. Amateur
9. My Own God
10. This Time
* This may be added to depending on set length*