Shane Duling resides in the small town of Girard, Kansas. He is 17 years old. He comes from a family of many musicians, which caused Shane to become interested in music at a very young age. He started out playing drums before he was in Elementary School and when he turned 14 he became very interested in the guitar. At the age of 15 Shane began singing and writing his own lyrics and music. He and a few friends began playing for a local coffee shop and other small attractions in the area.

In the year of 2006, Shane created a new band. They are named the “11:11 Band”. The band is made up of the drummer (who is his younger brother Kyle Duling), John Duling (his cousin) is the bass player, and Will Holt (a close friend of the family) is the Bongo player. They have been asked to play for many functions in the area.

Shane has been inspired by many well known musicians. A few musicians that he was inspired by include Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, John Mayer, and Cold Play.

Shane was first noticed by producers in September of 2006, when he performed at the Songwriters workshop in Pittsburg, Ks. Since then, he has been asked to record a CD containing all of his original songs. There are seven total songs that have been recorded and the new CD will carry the Center Creek record label.


On top of the World

Written By: Shane Duling

I got a feeling
Deep inside my soul
I got to let it out
I got to tell the whole world
I need you baby, by my side
Ya I need you baby, the rest of my life


Ya I am oh I am
On top of the world
I’m on top of the world
Ya I feel oh I feel
Higher than anything
Anything on earth.

Every time I
See your pretty face
I feel like I can be, anything
You make everything
Go by so smooth
I hope I never
Ya I hope I never loose you


Don't Be Afraid to Cry

Written By: Shane Duling

Colors are changing into
Black and white
Things we love are
No longer alive
As you get older things get worst
You wonder what your
Even living for

The moon comes up
And the sun goes down
Reflection of the stars
Hit the ground
Sometimes days don’t
Go as planned
All you really need
Is a helping hand


Watching your tears come
Down like rain watching
Those tears run down
Your face and don’t
No don’t be ashamed
Because its ok yea its ok
To cry today

Verse 2

People come and people go
Kids die Young and kids grow old
Life is tough as you can see
Why can’t it be like we
See on T.V.


Set List

11:11 Songs

1. On top of the world- (11:11)
2. Don't be afraid to cry- (11:11)
3. This is your life- (11:11)
4. Where I live- (11:11)
5. Your not alone- (11:11)
6. Beths Song- (11:11)
7. Waiting for your- (11:11)

Cover Songs

1. Steal My Kisses-(Ben Harper)
2. Brown Eyed Blues- (Ben Harper)
3. Walk Away- (Ben Harper)
4. What I got- (Sublime)
5. Gravity- (John Mayer)
6. Easy- (Lionel Richie)
7. Kansas City- (???)
8. Bannana Pancakes- (Jack Johnson)
9. Yellow- (Coldplay)
10. Scientist- (Coldplay)
11. Cable Car- (The Fray)
12. Boston- (Augustana)
13. Closing Time- (Semisonic)
14. 3 A.M.- (Matchbox 20)
15. Rodeo Clowns-(Jack Johnson)
16. Good Riddance-(Green Day)
17. Bubble Toes- (Jack Johnson)
18. Flake-(Jack Johsnon)
19. Daughters- (John Mayer)
20. You and Me- (lifehouse)
21. Tisbury Lane- (Mae)