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Eleven Fables are an unsigned 5 piece alternative guitar rock/ pop band from South East London.
Eleven Fables have been together for three years and have during this time developed a large fan base gigging medium size venues around London.

The band was originally conceived to showcase a collection of songs written by guitarist – Neil, to Record Companies and Publishers. However things took on a
life of their own and the influences and styles the wider band introduced, have produced something much greater and richer than the original concept.

The songs are mature, well crafted rock/ pop songs delivered with arrangements under pinned with driving guitars, hypnotic riffs and haunting melodies.

Despite the prominent British Rock sound the band has a strong Latin pedigree; Romulo – Guitarist and Malha – Bass both herald from Brazil and drummer
Mannie from Argentina. Tim – vocals and Neil – guitar and keyboards both from London complete the line up

In April 2009 this year the band completed a 5 track CD at London’s The Cowshed Studios and response to these recordings has been extremely positive.

Recently the band has again been in the studio recording several new tracks which will be available from their website in February 2010.

A video for “Talk About it” is being made with prominent Indi British Film producer Corin Taylor in February 2009.

In all 2010 promises to be a very exciting year for Eleven Fables, thanks for your ongoing support.