Eleven Ounces

Eleven Ounces


Eleven Ounces is a Florida-based improvisational rock ensemble dedicated to the development of a jazz-tinged, rock-infused meditation on the holy groove.


Eleven Ounces is Florida-based improvisational rock band. Coupling interesting compositions and constant improv, Eleven Ounces keeps each live show exciting. Various stylings or genres may sneak to the forefront at any point.

What began as a radical chemistry experiment in the spring of 2005, quickly evolved into the band now known as Eleven Ounces. The band began to test their theories in the local throngs of Tampa Bay, but....their experimenting continued. As the seasons changed, the band struggled to find the right mixture of hydrogen and oxygen molecules to complete their substance. There were moments of frustration, transcendence, and break through...
Today these experiments continue, but now with a more firmly established administrative base, the group has been experiencing quite impressive results. They pledge to continue evolving this unknown substance. So although constantly weighing in at 11 ounces, you will never know quite what to expect if you choose to step foot into their traveling laboratory.

Eleven Ounces has opened for P Funk,Badfish and the Spam Allstars. The band has also held official after-parties for acts such as The Flaming Lips, Galactic and others. Eleven Ounces has played numerous venues and clubs in the Tampa Bay area including the State Theatre (St. Pete), Jannus Landing, the Garage, the Orpheum, the Majestic, Tamiami, Green Iguana...etc.


New album expected to be released Spring '08
*The band has been in the studio the last couple months tracking their first full length release*

EP 'Couch Days' - 2006

Set List

Setlists include dozens of originals as well as assorted covers.