Austin, Texas, USA

11:17 is a dreamo band from Austin, Texas that features smooth guitars, driving rhythms, and stark lyricism. By combining the dark sensibility of bands like Brand New with the sophistication of songwriters like Mark Kozelek, 11:17 crafts textured soundscapes paired with vivid stories.


11:17's debut full length, which the band is set to self-release in March 2012, expands on the promise of their self-titled demo: Jazzy chord structures and syncopated rhythms in the vein of Aloha, sleek lead lines that evoke early Costello, and narrative lyricism lush with vivid images to tie it all together. From "Love Drunk Descent," a peek into the breaking point of a relationship plagued by substance abuse and religious conflict, to "Red Wine," an energized romp set to a backdrop of Japanese coastlines and cherry blossoms, 11:17 permeates their careully crafted songs with stark, gut-wrenching storylines on par with those of contemporary masters like Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon.

Alex Daniel started 11:17 as a solo project in 2004, performing around Texas through 2006. He spent those years and the few after that drinking whiskey and recording layered acoustic home demos.

After the laptop with the source tracks for those demos was stolen, Alex posted an ad on craigslist looking for musicians to help him flesh out the old tunes and craft some new ones. Trevor Mason, a childhood friend who happened to have recently moved to Austin, saw the ad and jumped on board. Dago Garcia, a college buddy, soon followed and recruited Tim Shin, the best friend/bassist/vocalist from his former band.


Love Drunk Descent

Written By: Alex Daniel

Riding shotgun down I-35,
Your hands trace my collarbones from the back
Where you try to whisper words only meant for my ears.

Your slurred speech winds through the twists in my brain,
Your warm breath tickles,
And I laugh the same love drunk way I have for two years.

The streetlights bend into fluid streams,
Your mind bends with them, and you start to think
About the way you used to be before you met me.

Oh, let me count the ways
These two years deranged your thinking.
The path is narrow, the chosen are few,

And there's no way you're getting in now.

Riding shotgun down I-35,
The church by the offramp makes you start to cry
The same lost way you have for two years.

The Lake

Written By: Alex Daniel

The wind sweeps away
Snow dancing on a wooded plain.
Our hands brush close,
The smell of burning pumpkin tickles my nose.

Red scarf,
Gold hair,
The softest smile behind your cool blue stare.

And I am fine.
Or am I fine?

God, I'm not fine.

Now at the lake
Our shoes slip over the frozen banks.
The moon gets trapped
Where sheets of ice overlap.

I pull you in
Warmth rushes down
Through my lips.

And I am fine.
Yes, I am fine.

God, I'm alive.

Push Away

Written By: Alex Daniel

You hold me down with your push away.
You skipped an ocean and let the seasons change,
And now my blood runs as cold for you
As the days grow long.

And complacency deepens the longer you're gone.


11:17 (self-titled) [2011]
Home EP [2010]