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"Augusta Chronicle -Band's music is a form of praise"

The book of Revelation isn't known for feel-good verses.

Members of the Christian rock band Eleventhour, -- Caleb Johnson (from left), H.B. Chavous, Luke Johnson and Zac Allsup -- rehearse the song You Don't Know in a room at Freedom Bible Church. The band is having a concert tonight to celebrate the release of its first EP.
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"They're reality checks," says Caleb Johnson, and so it was to that book of the Bible that he and his band mates turned when they needed a name. The group settled on Eleventhour after reading verse 3:3.
It cautions: "Remember therefore what you have received and heard; and keep it, and repent. If therefore you will not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come upon you."
The words inspired not just a name but a song, Wake Up! , one of six included on the band's debut EP, Eleventhour . The band will celebrate its release with a concert tonight at West Acres Baptist Church in Evans.
The EP features alternative punk rock, but Eleventhour has roots as a church praise band. It has been a part of the services at Freedom Bible Church in Evans for 18 months.
Band members (Caleb, 16; his brother, Luke Johnson, 19; their cousin H.B. Chavous, 21; and friend Zac Allsup, 21) have spent the past six months driving between Augusta and Atlanta to record the EP, which features stories about their faith and calls to repentance.
"With secular music, yeah, some of it sounds really awesome, but it doesn't have that same heart," Caleb said. "Here we are saying God could help you with your problems."
They hope to draw 500 or more teens with that message tonight. In two years, the band has built a fan base, but Luke Johnson says that wasn't initially the case.
"When you first start playing, you learn real quick not everybody loves your music. It's humbling," he said. "We've played before and nobody wanted to hear it. Praise bands aren't known for being hard core."
They're learning to get over other people's perceptions as they grow both as Christians and musicians, Mr. Chavous said.
"When you're young, it's all about you," he said, "but the more we play it becomes about the crowd and the music and connecting the two with God."
They pray before shows to remember that objective on stage, Luke Johnson said.
"The message, the whole point, is to put a positive message out there," he said. "We don't always stick the name of Jesus on it all the time, but his message is the message and it's the message people need to hear."
Reach Kelly Jasper at (706) 823-3552 or kelly.jasper@augustachronicle.com. - Augusta Chronicle - 2/21/09

"Columbia County Times- Eleventhour To Release Debut Album"

Eleventhour to release debut album
By Jenna Martin
Staff Writer

After working on their debut record for nearly a year, the Christian alternative rock band Eleventhour is about to hear the fruits of their labors.

Eleventhour has worked on their debut album for nearly a year.

The Columbia County band is holding a release party and concert for their six-track EP Saturday inside the multi-purpose center at West Acres Baptist Church at 555 Gibbs Road in Evans. Doors will open at 6 p.m. and the concert starts at 7 p.m.

"This album that we've made I think is radio quality," said Caleb Johnson, lead singer and guitarist. "We just hope it can go as far as it can possibly go (and) see what we can do with it."

To compile the self-titled record, the group traveled to Atlanta for at least 10 weekends since July, he said.

The band consists of four members from Evans and Martinez: Johnson, lead guitarist H.B. Chavous, drummer Luke Johnson and bass guitarist Zac Allsup. The group first started playing as a praise band at Bible Cathedral on Furys Ferry Road. The band members have been playing together for six years, but Eleventhour was formed about three years ago.

The concert is expected to last about two hours, said Luke Johnson, Caleb Johnson's brother. Guests also will receive a copy of the record.

Through their music, the band strives to emphasize the power of faith, but rarely mention God specifically in their songs, said Caleb Johnson, who described the band's songs as "positive, uplifting music."

"A lot of (our) songs are geared toward the younger crowd, but there's other music that I would think that older people would enjoy, too," Luke Johnson said.

The record currently is available for $5.99 at www.digstation.com. For more information about Eleventhour, visit www.myspace.com/eleventhhour3.

- Jenna Martin- Columbia County Times

"Positive outlook- Metro Spirit"

Beginning as a praise and worship youth group, Eleventhour has grown into a Christian alternative band with quite a following
AUGUSTA, GA - For the Augusta four-piece known as Eleventhour, the music is just as important as the message.

Brothers Caleb and Luke Johnson, along with H.B. Chavous and Zac Allsup, admit their main goal is to play Christian-influenced music with a focus on reaching non-Christian audiences. But the guys understand that, without a good sound, it’s just that much harder to get your point across. As for the lyrics, Eleventhour hopes fans take something away from each show.

“We don’t just sing God, God, God,” Chavous says about Eleventhour’s music. The band, who takes its name from a verse in the book of Revelation, formed roughly six years ago as a praise and worship youth group. From these beginnings, Eleventhour truly grew when they began writing their own music in 2004.

They realized there needed to be a contemporary, fun style to their music in order to make it both enjoyable and to spread the word of God. Since then, Eleventhour’s sound has been compared to such musicians as Audio Adrenaline, Switchfoot and Hawk Nelson.

Voted as one of the top bands of 2008 in Columbia County Magazine, Eleventhour won the hearts of the fans who nominated them. “We didn’t know anything about it,” Chavous says about the nomination and win. In addition to their high place in the opinion of fans, Eleventhour also earned a well-deserved gig at the 2008 Avalanche Youth Conference in Gatlinburg, Tenn.

After signing up for a Battle of the Bands via MySpace, Eleventhour competed in a four-battle, 20-band competition for the chance to play with well-known Christian acts Chasen and Overflow. Chavous, Allsup and the Johnson brothers beat out all the other acts, rising to the top of the contest and finally winning the desired spot at the winter retreat, where they played to around 500 youth that weekend.

Having built a fan base, Eleventhour is ready to release its self-titled CD EP. Complete with six songs, some of which can be heard on their MySpace site, the Christian alternative quartet will host a CD release party at West Acres Baptist Church after six months and plenty of hard work in Atlanta’s Black Cat Studios.

Other than their CD release gig, the guys in the band will continue to play shows, especially during the summer. Stops ready to host Eleventhour’s upbeat music will include a variety of churches, coffee shops and bars. The boys want to continue their inspiration and education of a growing number of fans at youth conferences and fairs around the Southeast as well.

“We’re open-minded to the future,” Chavous says about Eleventhour’s prospects. And it is this positive outlook that endears fans to the band.

Eleventhour CD release party
West Acres Baptist Church
Saturday, Feb. 21
Doors, 6 p.m.; concert, 7 p.m.
$10, advance; $12, day of show (ticket price
includes CD)
eleventhourband.com - Dino Lull- Augusta Metro Spirit 2/09





Eleventhour is a positive message alternative rock band from Augusta, Georgia with a heart for ministering to young people of all ages. The group consists of two brothers (Luke and Caleb Johnson), a cousin (H. B. Chavous) and a good friend (Zac Allsup). They began as a youth praise and worship band at their home church and started writing their own songs in 2004. Eleventhour has developed a style of their own which is sort of a blend of Audio Adrenaline, Switchfoot, and Hawk Nelson but also does praise and worship music. Eleventhour was voted as one of the best 2008 bands in Columbia County and Metro Augusta in the January 2009 edition of Columbia County Magazine.

Revelation 3:3 states, "Remember therefore what you have received and heard; and keep it, and repent. If therefore you will not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come upon you." Inspiration for the name of the band and the song “Wake Up!” came from this verse.

Eleventhour has played events with the following artists: Newsong, Nate Sallie, Jimmy Needham, Michael English, Chasen, Overflow, Echoing Angels, Jonah 33 and many more. Go to www.eleventhourband.com or www.myspace.com/eleventhhour3 to check out this band for your next event.