Greenville, South Carolina, USA

If Willy Wonka had a band this is what it would sound like. Upbeat music, lots of laughs in the show, leaving listeners with a bit of Hope to enjoy the life and forget about what is going on in life. Great show for College and all age clubs- You will not be disappointed.


“QUOTA is about being thrown in to everyone else’s standards but your own.”
-Matthew Langston

Eleventyseven, a band having grown up in a time when pop punk reigned supreme, cut their teeth on the high-energy blast beats and bombing guitar tones of their youth. They have carried that approach to their songs into the present day, constantly infusing a sense of energy, passion, and raw heart into their music that seems to call out to the listener. Road life, a constant touring schedule, and world travel have shaped the band into a unit with staying power. With the release of QUOTA (their 4th studio record), fans see the band defining the shape of their own personal brand of electro inspired pop rock.
Taking the captain's chair of production into their own hands, Eleventyseven has painstakingly created a sonic plane that is uniquely their own. QUOTA, sees them taking it up yet another notch. With a time-tested work ethic behind them, music that inspires a deep connection with their fans, and a bright future on the horizon, Eleventyseven continues to build away on their own piece of musical real estate.
QUOTA is an album that represents life; from the pain of relationships to the struggles of the everyday. It explores the loss of friendship, the idiosyncrasies of love, and the “coming of age” journey appointed unto all 20 somethings. The anthem laden title track captures the Eleventyseven in a different light, as they diversify into reggae/pop territory. Finally, a true to 80s-form “Take on Me” Cover from the Euro sensation Ah-Ha- puts a cap the content of QUOTA with a high note.


Newest EP 'QUOTA' Released 2 other albums with Sony BMG

Set List

Upbeat songs from beginning to end. A cover of the Pixies and Ah Ha's 'Take on me' Make this unique show one that groups enjoy every minute of.
The band has also been known to gather groups around singing their and other songs acoustic.