Anzhelica Tchernyakhovskaya and her group Elf have been directing their energies and skills to spiritual and aesthetic development of their own and their fans for thirteen years. Here is Anzhelica’s and Elf vocation. Elf - this is a beautiful magic indie music and romantic ballads.


Anzhelica Tchernyakhovskaya’s creative work (“Elf”) is a phenomenon embodied in poetry, music, and the fine arts. Anzhelica Tchernyakhovskaya is the founder of the group “Elf”, natural poet, original musician and artist. With her unusual vocal, romantic music, elevated and deep texts enlightened by the aspirations of human spirit to the supreme truth, she creates the romantic images of inspirations. The internal search has led the author to the independent-style which became the basic direction of her creative work.“Sounds” was the first Anzhelica’s book of early poetry with her own drawings, “About you and about me” was the first solo audio album (1994). Having appeared in the 1990s, they designated a new path in the creative space of Kiev.The stage of the theatre group “Benefit” at Kreschatik, 46 became the starting point during the formation of Anzhelica’s author's style in music. In 1995 the initial string of “Elf” (Anzhelica Tchernyakhovskaya, the group leader, rhythm-guitar, vocal, texts, scenario; Sergey Zhorov - solo-guitar; Oleg Bondarenko - pipe, maraca) performed there with the author's concert program in a creative tandem with amateur performer Irina Pasechnik.
The idea of such musical programs grew and developed, intergraded in literary and musical concerts-states. A special atmosphere, wonderfully inducing to creativity not only the participants, but the spectators as well, and eccentricity of submission of these concert programs brightly revealed an organic chemistry, creative essence of their author. Soon after the first night concert on the stage of this theatre the following programs were performed: “Gothic experiences on edge of Medial empire” (1995), “I am looking at the clouds” (1996), “It won’t happen” (1997). “Gothic experiences” is a concert synthesized the musical and poetic creative work of three amateur performers: Anzhelica Tchernyakhovskaya, Irina Pasechnik and Vadim Ivlev. Anzhelica suggested her friends to create something unknown earlier: a concert as one alive organism where songs and verses, intertwining and resonating with each other, draw an impressing musical picture.

At the same time, during the realization of these author's concerts, Anzhelica Tchernyakhovskaya and “Elf” performed on other Kiev stages, becoming the winner of various rock and bard festivals. Having taken part in rock festival “Golden integral” in Polytechnic Institute (1995), “Elf” became one of the TOP-10 groups. In 1996 Anzhelica won the contest of young performers “Singing dialogues”. In 1997 “Elf” took part in the festival “Rock against drugs” in the Kiev Institute of Civil Aircraft. In the autumn 1995 Anzhelica’s strong aspiration to perform in the female penal colony came true. Under the support of the Ministry of youth and sports she managed to perform in female remand home in Melitopol. Anzhelica visited it alone, without her group, and presented her songs, verses and book “Sounds” to the girls. For many girls her arrival there became a sign.Eight years later one of these girls found Anzhelica and told her the story how this concert and the book had influenced on her development and spiritual growth. The songs of “Elf” sounded in 1997 on the presentation of the first bard and rock club in Kiev, organized by the poet and musician Oleg Mamchits (the concert took place in children’s creative center “Satellite” at Leo Tolstoy Street). The first album “It won’t happen” with the renewed string of “Elf” (Anzhelica Tchernyakhovskaya, vocal, texts, rhythm-guitar; Natalia Kurilo, solo-guitar; Stephania, violin; Julia Nechiporuk, cello) was realized by their own in 1998, recorded only 54 tape cassettes with live performance. During this period this female string of “Elf” literally became a trailblazer, created grasping with their idea, feeling and beauty the arrangement of the author's songs, formed on concerts a unique aura, making the indelible powerful impression on the spectators. The album “It won’t happen” saved the impression of the live concert. 1998 became especially fruitful. On 1 October in her concert program in “Benefit” Anzhelica Tchernyakhovskaya represented her new book “Unidentified grief”, a vanguard collection of poems, texts of songs and drawings of young Kiev underground authors. This book was a synthesis of joint creativity, communication and friendship of Anzhelica, who created “Unidentified grief”, with the participants. In the first part of the concert the following authors performed: Irina Pasechnik (vocal, piano, texts, music), her verses were included into the book; Oleg Mamchits, a guest of the program (vocal, acoustic guitar, texts, music). In the second part of the concert the ideologist and the author of the concept of “Unidentified grief” Anzhelica Tchernyakhovskaya (vocal, guitar, verses, music) together with her eight-year old daughter Sasha Tchernyakhovskaya (author's reading of verses, vocal), whose verses were included into the given book. The same day the first


About You and About Me (1994, “Poli’s Records” studio).
It Doesn’t Happen So (1998; a musical album - acoustic concert – “hall version”)
The Unicorn (2003 Rostok Records, CD of the group ELF)

Set List

The "Unicorn" alboom music program:
1. Quivering

2. Gentle song

3. Where the time stopped

4. It won’t be serious for me

5. To the wind

6. About you and about me

7. Two dolphins

8. Little animal (text - Irina Pasechnik)

9. Unicorn

10. He’s come back (Angel)

11. Before the night (text - Alexandra Tchernyakhovskaya)

12. Song of a spring wood

13. Sounds

14. Matins

15. It is me

16. On transparent steps

17. Sometime