El Gabinete

El Gabinete

 Mexico City, The Federal District, MEX

"An exotic fusion of electronic music with jazz and national folklore makes this band, that made its appearance in mid-2006, one draft of the future of Mexican music" Bruno Bartra - TV UNAM - REFORMA


In 2006, Mexico lived through one of its worst political years. Reading newspapers could only be called depressing; the electoral campaign was the dirtiest one in recent history. In those times, Daniel Aspuru, Enrique Gil and Kristian Galicia were playing music for the joy of it. In rehearsals, they found themselves continuously discussing Mexico's dire political climate and commenting on newspaper articles all the time, to the extent that they discovered that the news was inspiring them to compose music.

After months of political tension, Mexico was in a unique situation: One president had "won" the elections, rife with accusations of fraud, and another candidate declared himself the "legitimate president" in the public square before millions of people. "For the first time in history, Mexico had two cabinets, which is why we decided to form the third one: El Gabinete, which means The Cabinet" - the group explained.

The band members, who present themselves as state secretaries and ministers, created their first record together, a unique contribution to Mexico's music scene. The album includes statements from former presidents and ministers, and the voices of people from different walks of life, mixed with a captivating blend of sound and music that invites reflection.

The band is also an innovative pioneer in using technology. They are on tour throughout Mexico in 2008, traveling by a van specially customized for live broadcasting of audio and video through a satellite connection via their website and a newly created FaceBook (social networking) interface. This bold synthesis of broadcasting, live performance, and interaction�with live audiences in local spaces and beyond�is a first of its kind in the world.

The El Gabinete website encourages interaction with its listeners, since it is equipped with a registration form for fans through which they can geocode their addresses to a map pinpointing the locations of people from all over the world who tune in to listen to El Gabinete.

The new group has been widely covered by various branches of the media in Mexico, because since its founding, the group continues to surprise with its creative, bold initiatives never before done in Mexico.


-- El Gabinete EP --
Released: January 2007
*This was a pre-release of their first record which contained 3 songs.

-- El Gabinete --
IguanaMusic.com / Fonarte Latino
Released: December 2007
* The album contains 11 songs and a very extensive booklet designed by the most famous cartoon makers of Mexico (El Fisgon, Rogelio Naranjo, Boligan, Alejandro Magallanes and more).

Set List

Two hours of original music witch changes from concert to concert, there are no identical concerts. We also project some short video editions in the intermediate part of the show and in some pieces.

Please ask for the precise set list if wanted.