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"...Headphone Album of the Year"

An ambitious full-length debut that soars, swoops and flies like the birds they profess to be, El Gato’s We’re Birds makes a strong case for Headphone Album Of The Year - CMJ New Music Report

"Timeless Pop"

Timeless pop that will never sound old or dated. We’re Birds is chocked up to the max with superb melodies and clever songwriting… The band presents no less than fourteen tracks, and each one is a keeper. There’s a lot more depth here than we are accustomed to hearing in pop music. Smart, creative, hummable, and unique. Recommended. - Baby Sue/LMNOP

"Stunning Album"

“…a stunning album, impressive in scope and even more so in execution and sense of both detail and overview.
Fans of everyone from The Byrds to The Flaming Lips will find something of interest here" - Ink 19

""Charming and ...Grandiose""

Charming and tunefully grandiose, this is music you can take home to mom–and get her looped with it.” - Alternative Press

"Cat Calls"

We’re Birds is a breathless album, with the naiveté of a kid singing along with his favorite song and the confidence to pile an orchestra on top of the Marshall stacks, Rock and Pop written in capital letters on a billboard.” - Dallas Observer

"Best Record"

"This is one of the best records I’ve ever heard!" - Don Alcott - WFSH FM Rochester

"Completely Original and Unique"

I must admit, I am a little apprehensive about melodic pop bands from Dallas these days. It seems that ever since Tripping Daisy disbanded, Dallas pop musicians have just tried to rewrite Tripping Daisy songs from one part of their career or the other. Over here is a band that wants to have the SMU party band sound of TD's early years. Over there is a band that wants to sound like radio-friendly post-grunge. Oh, and over here is band that wants to sound like Tripping Daisy trying to sound like the Flaming Lips. So, I must purge all impulses to write off the newest album by El Gato completely based on a loose association with Tripping Daisy. It is surprisingly easy to purge said impulses as El Gato seem to be, (gasp!) completely original and unique. The first few seconds reveal the pleasant surprise lurking inside this low-profile album. The production is good. No, like it's really good. The drums sound crisp and robust and even something as delicate as a tinkling piano has it's proper place and volume in the mix. "Pianos on Crutches" and the album's title track sum up the feel of El Gato. It's Todd Rudgren and Swervedriver in a ferocious Battle of the Bands. Imagine old Todd Rudgren sitting down at his baby grand working out some perfectly delicate melody while Todd's shoegazer son cranks Swervedriver's Mescalhead at an ungodly level in the next room. Try as Todd may, Todd Jr. just won't turn it down. That's We're Birds in so many words. "Christmas in My City" could be Alex Chilton spiking the rest of Big Star's eggnog with Valium in order to create a beautifully sad season's greetings. Lyrically, the song captures the preciousness of a child staring at the glowing Santa on someone's roof from the backseat of the family car. "Lost In America" (which is split into parts 1 and 2 which only validates the sneaking suspicion that this is actually some 70's band making a clandestine comeback), spans from upbeat indie rock to sleepy minimalist lullaby. And then back again. Is it possible that the Raspberries sired children back in the 1970's and these children, reared on atmospheric and sometimes noisy indie rock, have themselves formed El Gato? So, if you like The Flaming Lips' Clouds Taste Metallic, Guided by Voices' Vampire on Titus, Sebadoh's Bakesale or Superchunk's No Pocky for Kitty you will most likely enjoy We're Birds. When K-Tel releases the first volume of the Indie Gold Collection, don't be surprised if it sounds a lot like We're Birds. Wait -- K-Tel already has released an indie rock compilation. Oh well, there's always Volume 2. - Dallas Music Guide

"A Thing of Beauty"

“El Gato’s latest album, We're Birds, is a thing of
beauty, burrowing its way deep into the frontal lobe
with gummy hooks and a rich, multilayered sound.”
- Austin Chronicle

"Best Album of the Year"

"Don’t take this statement lightly since the year has seen great
albums from The Flaming Lips, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Spoon
and Beck -- El Gato has released the best album of the year.”
- Daily University Star - SW TX State Univ

"Take The Plunge"

On their first full length recording, Denton, Texas quartet El Gato demonstrate their ability to create fluid, pop-driven melodies free of sap, pomp and circumstance. Pretty vocals that parallel piano and synthesizers that manage to transcend background status while still retaining a non-abrasive quality. There’s a consistency in lyrics dripping with animalistic and temporal imagery that lends to themes of search and discovery – of lessons learned and friendships etched in permanent memory. Lead singer John Vineyard steers each track through a voice following in the path of the Eels and Semisonic while the remaining members craft solid rock and roll hooks to accompany the listener’s guided journey. "Upward toward the heavens," Vineyard cries, inviting us all to come along. However, he’s still quick to point out that, "it looks great to me/ but sir, I can’t see anything." We’re Birds is an invitation to take the plunge into matters of the heart without sacrificing dignity. It’s a safe enough offer many will take and fail to regret.
-Jamie Gadette
Slugmag.com – august 2002
- Slug Mag


Escape Artist - 7 Inch - 1997
Everybody's a Pinata - EP - 1999
Static Orange - Compilation - 1999
Merge 93.3FM Local CD - 2000
Already Gone: A Compilation of Texas bands 2001
The Christmas Single - December 2001
We're Birds - January 2002
Fossil 13 Tracks Volume 1 - 2002
KRTU - Live From Studio A Undercover - 2003
Once We Were Lovers - Split EP w/ HiFi Drowning - 2004
Cornerstone Player 66 (CD 1) - March 2006
New Album - 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


El Gato born in Denton, TX have finished their 2nd full length album. It was recorded with Stuart Sikes (Cat Power, Modest Mouse, Walkmen), David McConnell (Elliott Smith, Wilco, Folk Implosion) and Paul Williams (El Gato's We're Birds). We’re Birds was released in 2002 to critical praise and college radio success.
With an orchestral blend of layered guitars, keyboards and vocals, El Gato's non-traditional approach to song writing and constant sonic experimentation has caught the attention of national media and music enthusiasts. Alternative Press said of the album, “Charming and tunefully grandiose, this is music you can take home to mom – and get her looped with it.” CMJ New Music Report calls We’re Birds, “An ambitious full-length debut that soars, swoops and flies like the birds they profess to be, El Gato's We're Birds makes a strong case for Headphone Album of the Year.” The Daily University Star from SW Texas State University says of We’re Birds, “Don’t take this statement lightly since the year has seen great albums from The Flaming Lips, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Spoon
and Beck -- El Gato has released the best album of the year.”

For its live performances, the quartet merges instruments, effects, vocal harmonies and a visual trip to pull-off the rich, multi-layered sounds found on the album. Fans of Modest Mouse, Grandaddy, Built To Spill and The Flaming Lips will appreciate the pop diversity found on We’re Birds.

Having toured and played shows over the last two years with the likes of Jason Loewenstein (of Sebadoh), Goldenboy (Shon Sullivan – Elliott Smith, Eels, Neil Finn), Ash, J.Mascis and more, El Gato is currently working on the follow-up to We’re Birds. El Gato has been recording at Satellite Park (Malibu, CA) with David McConnell (Elliott Smith, Wilco, Folk Implosion) and at BPL (Dallas, TX) with the Pipe’s Brothers over the last six months. The band hopes to release the new record in 2004.

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