El Grillu

El Grillu


modern Flamenco with a twist of American sounds Salsa & Latin Jazz


our music is bases 80% flamenco flamenco and 20 % world fusion we can go either way traditional Flamenco with Dancers or become a dancing band playing Flamenco rumba all day, the band can adapt to many situations and scenarios from a solo to a duo, trio, quartet, quintet etc, till we reach a full 12 piece band with dancers we are the first band in the west coast to fusion Flamenco and Salsa (Calenko) many years ago with the Sol Y Luna Band we are fun group with amazing talent on board , this band started on 1993 San Francisco becoming a icon in the city


Sol Y Viento Flamenco

Written By: Jose Manuel Blanco Rodriguez

Ay Ay Ay Ay
Sol Viento Flamenco
Almoraima tu eres la mas bella de las rosas grana
la que me despierta por la mañana

Chiquilla vente conmigo vente conmigo pa'l agua
que navegaremos juntos
la vela sera tu enagua

vente conmigo al agua
con tu vestiodo verde
vente conmigo al agua
navega con mi suerte

por que donde tu estas esta lo demas presiento
no vengo a contarte nada hoy te amare en silencio

Sol Viento Flamenco
que se me quema el corazón porque de ti lleva el sabor de tu aliento

oh ohh ohh
ay ay ay ay
lereile lereile lereile


Una Noche and liliana are tracks on Oliver stone production motion picture "New Age" directed by Michael tolkin
from our first release Flamenco Salsa Rumba
Jason M has release his debut album Distancias under "Armik" Label available online

Set List

all original songs some covers some instrumentals if required two sets 30 to 45 min each usually rumba Flamenca and Ballads a La Gipsy Kings or Ketama listening or dancing repertoire available