El Gusto

El Gusto

 Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

Collective of 11 musicians from Cuba, the new talents from the Island. Led by Roberto Carcasses the ensemble involves rappers; songwriters; soneros ; timberos; jazzistas, that mix all their influences in one common language. A powerful and fresh blend of Afro Cuban Jazz fusion, Timba & Funk!


Separated by history for fifty years, an orchestra of Jewish and Muslim
musicians gather on a scene for a mythical concert. Together again, they share
the passion that never left them, the soul of the casbah, the chabi music. The
adventure El Gusto is a testimony of men, freed from silence, carrying the
memory of a part of the Franco-Algerian history, still no fully known today. These
musicians stand as a proof that musics universality transcends prejudices, and
reveals what brings men together more than what tears them apart.
To witness a performance of El Gusto, is to live a moment of sharing,
emotions, and pleasure both for eyes and ears. Traditionally, chabi groups are
composed of ten musicians, but for the occasion, it is a real orchestra that is
brought together. From the classical osayed songs, to the love songs, and the
ditties of the every-day life hummed by the seamen and asked at the weddings,
El Gusto brings to our memory or imagination the atmosphere of a time and a country.


Album release January 2nd of 2012 (Remark/Warner)
Movie release January 12th of 2012