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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Soul




"Elhae sends "The Letters""

The highly anticipated return of Elhae has finally arrived with ‘The Letters’, another journey deeper into the mind which brings questions and wonders of relationships also overall life. A big yet non-damaging difference to note is that he has other producers in this project, a different direction as his usual self produced previous albums but it still feels like an Elhae album. I’ve always thought he has found a personal musical niche for himself and the latest project serves as another gem in the crown (Still Got It) belonging to his future, an enjoyment to hear thru headphones, in your car or by yourself in the house bumming around… it somehow always adapts to your environment. One of the differences and a reason why I like his music is that his lyrics don’t feel cocky or always self-boasting, he gives you an open door (sounds honest) to what his life is and still sounds great.
From piano keys lightly paving the song to soulful harmonies play throughout, even certain songs that will catch you vibing out summertime style once they come on, the album feels organic and a great music experience. ‘The Letters’ short and sweet at 10 tracks with 1 interlude doesn’t over stay it’s welcome and keeps Elhae fresh on the ear waiting for more. In the end rack it up to another fantastic album that will be on constant rotation on my iPhone and should be in yours as well, straight up good music always needs a good home and I suggest you pick this one up.
I still can’t believe good music like this is given away daily for free… totally legit sounds with good production for the music fans is at a good high right now. - WGM

"Elhae releases "The Letters""

Just weeks after Elhae smashed the stage as an opening act for The Unexpected Arrival Tour at The Macon Centreplex for Diggy Simmons, OMG Girlz, & Jacob Latimore, Elhae drops his 3rd album to date “The Letters” for his fans and the buzz has been tremendous every since. Fans that has been a regular to the site remember back in February when we sat down with this inspiring artist and did a quick interview with Elhae. If you missed the interview, feel free to read it here. So if you haven’t done so already, check out this 10 track album download it, share it with your friends, & let us know what you think of his work. Don’t forget to catch Elhae onstage June 16 for The 2nd Annual FashionFest 478. - Official 478

"Music Mondays Elhae"

eatured more than once here on Creative Recklessness, young and hungry music artist Elhae has been hard at work producing his new album titled ‘The Letters’. Elhaes’ new album is set to drop tomorrow, May 29th which you can find on his Bandcamp page. Team Reckless has been patiently waiting for this album knowing it will be the greatest he’s produced yet. - Creative Reckless


So, last week sometime I found this dude on twitter named Elhae. I looked at his blog and realized he made music, so I said what’s up. To make a long story short, it turned out that Elhae was the featured artist on Tunk’s new song, Kiss From A Synth. Small world huh… But really it’s not, cuz Elhae’s from Georgia… Anyways, he has a new album set to drop on January 18th entitled, Seventh Fall, and judging by the first two song he gave me, it should be dope! Below you should be able to preview the songs I’m talkin’ about. You can follow my man on twitter @Elhae or check out his website, elhae.com. Be easy people. - ILL EGO


I got talking to Elhae on Twitter through my Karmaloop discount page @ShaneKarmaloop and @Elhae if you are wondering. He is a good guy so I searched his music and found a whole bunch of gems hidden on Youtube that need to be checked out. I could listen to this cover over and over and I don't even listen to Mumford and Son. That is how much I was impressed. He raps and sings plus he will be doing a web series so you all can get to know him better. Check him out! - Shane

"Elhae Got That Blue Dreams & White Lights"

"The ATL artist Elhae is back with another full album release titled “Blue Dreams & White Lights” and the second time around is much much better. I am truly loving how his whole sound is coming up and gives his own electro flavor to the formula of Hip-Hop and soul, it shows the versatility in the artists’ sound while totally enwrapping our ears. " - WGM


October 2010: The Zero EP
January 2011: Seventh Fall EP
September 2011: XXI EP
May 2012: The Letters
May 2013: Champagne Wishes



These days, it's not enough to say that you're an artist. In these times, it's not enough to say that you produce music. But, to say that you write, produce and perform all of your own work, is what seperates some from most in the music business. Elhae is a working example of what it means to be creatively brilliant at every aspect of making music.

Jamaal "Elhae" Jones was born August 24th, in Minot, North Dakota. After a few short years, Elhae and his family headed south to Savannah, GA, where he lived for several years. It was while in Savannah, Elhae began to realize his talents, and through perfecting these talents, he unearthed his love and deep passion for music. A lot of Elhae's early experiences with music stem from his participating in his church choir, alongside his mother. Elhae quickly went from performing choir solo's and learning to play piano, to composing his own songs, which eventually spawned into what we see in Elhae today... a musical genius who knows no boundaries in his art.

Today, Elhae is on the brink of becoming a young breakthrough artist that has so much to offer music, and the music business itself. But whats most important to Elhae is his philosophy on life by offering an undeniable truth in that "Every Life Has An Ending" (ELHAE). To Elhae, this means that we only live once! So while we're here, it's best that we all live life to our fullest potential by being ourselves, working hard and following our dreams.