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"Eli Makes Transformation on Debut Release"

Eli (www.onepopularguy.com ), a performer, songwriter, producer and musician best known for his risqué raps as urban artist Smoov-E, is set to release his iTunes exclusive rock debut, Baddest Bachelor on July 5. Eli is signed to Bay Area Hip-hop impresario Andre Nickatina’s I-Khan Distribution label.

The artist formerly known as Smoov-E continues his unconventional musical metamorphosis into Eli with Baddest Bachelor featuring tracks available from Eli’s forthcoming roots rock full-length, ONE POPULAR GUY to be released on September 20, 2011 on I-Khan. While this - Eli’s thirteenth studio album since 1999 - represents a seismic shift in his musical career, it is Eli’s confidence as a musician, which allows him to abandon the jokester for the roots rocker he always wanted to be. Tracks from the forthcoming single, Baddest Bachelor include:

1. Baddest Bachelor
2. Automobile
3. Faster You Fall
4. Automobile (Music Video)

Eli’s evolution has been in the works over the last few years. Finally embracing his Tennessee roots as a self-taught musician, Eli’s confidence in his growth as an artist was no longer tied exclusively to his being behind the mic, rapping over beats. Today, while most (but not all) of his humorous caricatures have yielded to more developed and introspective compositions, Eli has retained his innate ability to draw people in to his music. There was a lot of Gene Vincent and Carl Perkins’, girls’ cars and snakeskin boots inside Eli that needed to get out.

“My evolution from Smoov-E to Eli is essentially the product of growing up a bit and being comfortable enough to strap on a guitar or sit down on a piano stool rather then rapping behind the mic,” said Eli. “After thirteen studio albums, tons of live appearances and yes, a little maturity, I finally am at a point where I think my fans will follow me from hip-hop to rock or anything else I choose to play.”

In fact, it was Bay Area cohort and label boss Andre Nickatina who pushed Eli to make this change. After hearing Eli’s raw guitar, piano and vocal demos, Nickatina realized there was more to Smoov-E’s musical persona than just sex, drugs and rock and roll. Both Andre and Eli felt that rapping as Smoov-E was somewhat limiting considering Eli’s turn at the piano and guitar. Performing as Eli garnered support from people of all ages and lifestyle, not just fans of hip-hop.

Eli’s stage magnetism was evident early on while touring with Andre Nickatina, but it too has developed over the course his career and along with the growth of the Internet. Eli’s social media websites regularly garner more than 30,000 to 100,000 views each. In fact, his Myspace page has more than 3 million hits, and on Google his name is searched more than 60,000 times a month. - mickieszoo


Eli – Baddest Bachelor (deluxe single)
The King & Mr. Biscuits (2010)
Smoov-E – El Joy Del Sexo (2010)
Smoov-E as Mr. Biscuits (2010)
Smoov-E – Simply Suggestive (2009)
Smoov-E as Rusty Squeezebox (2008)
Smoov-E as Larry Dallas (2007)
Smoov-E – Sum Yung Girl (2006)
Smoov-E – Assuefatto (2003)
Smoov-E – Confessions (2001)
Smoov-E – K.Y.H.O.M.P.B. (2000)
Smoov-E – Smoov-E (1999)



A performer / songwriter / producer / musician; Eli possesses the mettle of a rocker. He oozes charisma. Although life wasn’t always sex, drugs, and Rock ‘N’ Roll for the Tennessee born, Bay Area bred talent, his path to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle was in one word, unconventional.

Drawing on his Tennessee roots Eli traded break beats for rock riffs and left behind his urban moniker, Smoov-E. Eli is a self-taught musician, fueled by his desire to create different sound scapes with live instruments. In the process of learning to play the guitar and keys, his affinity for instrumentation grew and that catalyzed his transition from Smoov-E caricatures and urban risqué raps to Eli. His forthcoming records are a manifestation of his transition to a mature, well-versed artist. Still, some habits are not easily broken, as Eli has kept his signature risqué tongue and cheek lyrics intact and has created his own brand of modern rock with pop sensibility.
His innate ability to draw people in is evident in his popularity on social media websites. Eli’s YouTube videos have garnered 30,000 to over 100,000 views each, he has over 3,000,000 total plays on Myspace and is searched for over 60,000 times a month on Google--impressive for an indie artist.

For the past two years, Eli has performed before sold out shows rocking for crowds numbering in the thousands while touring with San Francisco legend Andre Nickatina. Andre recognized Eli’s talent for engaging fans and decided to cultivate him under his I-Khan Distribution label.

A true artist in every sense of the word, Eli commands his guitar on-stage and has a track record that demonstrates his ability and success in the music industry. Eli will change the way Rock-N-Roll is listened to by bringing back that good old feeling and nostalgia, with a twist all his own.