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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | MAJOR

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | MAJOR
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Superior Pomp Pop"

Elias “Elias” (Independent 2006)

Elias are located somewhere between the pomp-prog of Muse and the skewed pop of Wheat or Creeper Lagoon - they sound unfeasibly polished and confident, the songs pulsing with life, stuffed full of instruments and effects - A tureen of the kinds of things you hear on 6 Music. They generate genuine power: ‘Get Some’ uses the dynamics of the pulse to good effect and ‘Blow Away’ muscles in on Snow Patrol territory - in beating Keane to a pulp they wouldn’t need to break sweat. The songs seem to smoulder, ignite and then continue with some internal pyrrhic logic of their own; ‘Thicker Skin’ throws up a thick sheet of melodic noise and just to show that they aren’t one-dimensional they throw in an acoustic version of ‘Blow Away’. ‘Whale Watching’ also scales back the bombastic barrage and ends up sounding like Swell or Idaho. This band could be huge. - AMERICANA UK

"Eight must-hear bands from BC"

Greetings from Vancouver! (by Kaitlin Fontana), March 2, 2006)

Last year, the world was a-buzz about Montreal and her multitude of pop-music offerings. But what to do when it's time to move on? Make like a settler and go west, my son! More specifically, head to Vancouver, where clean streets and
cleaner beaches don't stop the kids from making dirty, ironic rock. Here's a guide to the best of the west.

Elias (formerly known as Second)

It's too bad this band stopped being Second, because they were definitely making a name for themselves in Vancouver under that moniker. And in a city the size of Vancouver (i.e., small, by city standards) it's tough to make a name. However, Elias retains the core talent of Second in its baby-faced singer, Brian Healy. And since baby faces attract baby fans, Elias is good about playing all-ages shows, thus making them the saving grace for bored kids in Vancouver's outer suburbs. Many influences are at play in Elias' music, almost to the detriment of their sound (repeat listens blend tracks), but they succeed in making the kind of pulsating, loud rock that the Mars Volta or Radiohead might approve of in equal turns. - SPIN.COM

"CD of The Week"

The CD of the week is the self-titled full-length by Elias. The band are made up of brothers Brian and John Healy. Brian handles vocals, piano and guitar, while John play bass. Rounding out the lineup are Rob Tornroos on guitar and Dominic Coletta (ex-Mongoose and Dirtmitts) on drums.

Every band have particular strengths and, for these guys, it's their vocals. Falling somewhere between Radiohead and Nada Surf, they have a great sound that they make all their own. Instrumentally, each song goes in odd, unexpected
directions and makes the listener pay attention. Particularly good is "Whale Watching." There isn't a chord of filler on the whole disc. - CHARTATTACK

"New Talent"

"I close my eyes, shut my mouth, before I make things worse"

Thanks to my new buddy Chris (who himself is in a great new band, check them here), I've got some new talent for you today. Those of you that have been hanging around here for awhile will hear this band and know they're exactly what I'm into. Canadian band Elias has absolutely everything it takes to catapault themselves to indie stardom. The songs are pensive and thoughtful. Yet, this doesn't detract from the band's ability to assert themselves through some heavier, layered guitar arrangements. Steady, rhythmic verses allow for the band to really take flight in their choruses. Keep your eyes peeled, I think Elias might do some pretty considerable things in the near feature. As far as I know, the band already has one disc under their belt and seems to be in the process (or nearly finished) of recording a new EP. - Come Pick Me Up (1)

"Nice Work Boys"

"You were busy sinking ships inside my dreams..."

I did indeed feature Canada's indie-rock rookies Elias back in March, but the band has since sent me their newly finished EP - which is wholly deserving of it's own post. The band's new self-titled EP features not only the tracks I previously posted, but also a few new ones that I very much adore. Last time I wrote, "Keep your eyes peeled, I think Elias might do some pretty considerable things in the near feature." I still completely stand by that statement. The band gives obvious nods to bands like Muse and early Radiohead, but is still able to retain the sound that is intrinsically their own. Nice work, boys. - Come Pick Me Up (2)


LASTING DISTRACTION (Wax Records Inc.2009)
*1st Single "All We Want" charted in the Top 30 of the Canadian Alternative Billboard Charts with great support from 102.1 The Edge in Toronto, x92.9 Calgary, 94.3 The Curve in Winnipeg, 99.3 The Fox in Vancouver and many others...
#22 Song of the Year End Charts(2010) on 102.1 The Edge in Toronto

*2nd Single "Thousand Pieces" was also added to 102.1 The Edge in Toronto (#84 on there Year End Charts for 2010) and more...

ALL WE WANT (Independent 2008)
ELIAS EP (Independent 2007)