Our sound is very unique in that we get our inspiration from a variety of styles. Most of our sound is very acoustic, but we don't limit ourselves to just one sound. To listen to more of our songs visit our myspace page at www.myspace.com/eliassounds


Hello everyone, we're Elias. We're basically just four regular guys that have a love for God and a strong passion to give back glory to him with the talents he's given to us. Elias began to form back in November of 2005 after we'd played a gig at a nearby coffee shop. We were extremely blessed when our bass player Zach joined the band a few months later. We all came to the realization that music is what we wanted to pursue in life and playing it for the glory of God was even better. We are all very excited about what God has for us, and we thank you all for your support!


"Elias" the studio demo.

Set List

Our typical set list basically depends on how long our time slot for playing is. We usually have anywhere from seven to twelve songs that we'll play in a set. It just really depends on the venue.