Sweet latin guitar and smooth lyrics. Clever lyrics and cool songs, curly hair and chilled out vibes. Songs that make you happy, songs that make you think.


Elias has written songs for a long time. He has received airplay on the 'Roots n All' show on Triple J and recently appeared on Project My World in the U.S.
His influences come from a very diverse range of artists. His mediterranean ancestry has played a huge part in his mindset and way of life and therefore his songwriting.

His songs make you want to listen to them again.
The flamenco guitar is irresistable and his voice is smooth as.

Elias's songs are about his cat, busking, coffee, turning thirty, shoes, and other stuff.

All of these things contribute to form the patchwork quilt that is his life.

Elias sees the world like a child seeing it for the first time. He believes that this is the place where we have our most happiness and this is what he seeks to say in his songs.


Elias- Debut

Track - Soy Latte on triple j Roots n All Show.

Set List

Soy Latte
Grown Up Stuff
Go Slow Like The Escargot
Chuck Taylors
On My Bike
Crash and Burn
Who I Be