Elias Cooper

Elias Cooper


Folk-bluesy with tinges of jazz and rock, inclusive of vocal harmonies. Loosely, virtuosic and reminiscent of Mozart with Jim Morrison and Dimebag Darrell dubbed over (joking).

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Written By: Elias Cooper

Somewhere out on the eastern hillsides
Where the green trees grow through summer’s end
There was something about my lady cryin’
It’s time to kill off our regrets.

Something about marigolds and orchards,
And drinking that Thunderbird wine
Openin’ up our mouths to sing out loud
They tell me we’re runnin’ out of time.

So take me back (I’ll be back),
Mrs. Carolina (North Carolina)
There is no place I’d rather be.
Longin’ eyes, and the needles of the pines
I’ll be back before I die,
You know I’ll be back before I die.

My friends I’m sure don’t understand
But they don’t know who I am
They tell me I oughta know
But they’ve got other places to go

So send me a line while I’m gone
Remind me that it’s not been so long
Tell me about my lady smilin’
And keep on dreamin’ on and on