Eli Barsi

Eli Barsi

 Moosomin, Saskatchewan, CAN

Saskatchewan's own, Award Winning Recording artist Eli Barsi is unique and genuine with a clear precise sound, rich vocals, strong musicianship, thought provoking originals & tasty standards in the genres of Western Roots, Bluegrass, Gospel, & Folk. She performs full time in Canada and the U.S.A. releasing her 13th Album in 2014. SCMA Roots Artist & Rots Album of the Year as well USA WRANGLER Award Winner for Best Original Song.


Eli Barsi was raised on the prairies of Southeastern Saskatchewan and she draws from her Western Heritage and travels throughout her life as an inspiration for her original work. She has had success as a Country artist in Canada with the release of 3 CMT videos as well as 15 charting radio singles. Throughout the years she has become very versatile as she now performs the genres of Bluegrass, Western Roots, Gospel, Country, and Folk all with equal proficiency. She has been a full time musician, singer, songwriter and entertainer for 3 decades, recently releasing her 14th album.  Her hard work has not gone unnoticed as she has been recognized with many awards in Canada and the United States. Her band consists of seasoned talented people that enjoy playing music and entertaining as much as Eli does. Eli's show is always a highlight wherever she goes, full of energy and passion and real to the core.


Little Mountain Church House { Bluegrass Gospel ]
Darn Hard To Tame [ Western Roots ]
Closer to Home [ Bluegrass Gospel ]
Shades of the West [ Western Roots ]
Listen [ Country ]
Christmas in the Canyon [ Christmas ]
Eli Barsi [ Country ]
Pinto Pal [ Western Roots ]
The Way the West was Herd [ Western Roots ]
Second Hand Saddles [ Western ]
Unmarked Trail [ Country ]
* 15 various songs from these albums have received substanial airplay in Canada on Country Radio as well as CBC.
* 3 songs were supported by CMT videos.
* the Western Albums have all been played in the U.S. on various stations that support the Western Heritage scene.

Set List

400 + covers in the genres of Western Roots / Bluegrass / New Country / Gospel / Folk / Traditional Country.
50 + originals
* Typical repertoire - versatile - depending on the venue / festival or show. Eli's fans have grown to love her variety of music, ranging from Bluegrass - to New Country......