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Say What You Want

Written By: Chris Krekling

Verse 1:
E. Cash with the dopest flow
I thought you'd heard of that already, you're supposed to know,
But you were looking at me crazy
All through the show,
What?! Should I be talking 'bout "pimps n' hoes?"
Bet you if I'd get shot
That's when I'd get hot
Going from the Ray-City straight to the tip-top,
'Cause of how I look don't mean it isn't hip-hop,
Me, I'm still progressing while you're looking like a big flop,
Best beats next to The RZA,
Courtesy of Eli and the Jolly TaxPZA,
On top of that I'm flowing like the Mississippi River
and you'd better recognize, realise, and remember,
Seems like if you don't come at 'em like a killer
Somebody's gonna say that it isn't cool to feel us,
Can't play my like some kind of a beginner,
Now I'm getting used to this non-stop winter

You can say what you want to say 'bout this cat from the Ray, but I'm gonna make you pay for all those things you say,
Now you can say what you want to say, 'bout this cat from the Ray,
But I'm gonna make a name for that city where I came from

Verse 2:
See, soon as I stepped inside of the club,
I turned right back around, 'cause I'd had enough,
I'm not down with the hooker-looking chicks and stuff,
I feel bad for the idiots who pick 'em up
and get an S.T.D.
Let me see,
You think reality is MTV,
I just want to move a couple MP3's,
Fake MC's need to let me be,
Guess I'm all on my own in my city
Maybe 'cause the rest of 'em can't stick with me,
Couldn't get with Eli if you slipped me a 'Mickey,'
and you won't get nothing out of me but some pity,
Elliott Cash breaks 'em down like that,
They already know I can freestyle phat,
So I don't really ever gotta scribble out a rap,
Just come right off of the top of the hat


Verse 3:
I had to kill 'em on the third verse
That's how I come with it
Said you've got the new style
We already done did it,
I came back to tell 'em they sound dumb, Quit it
I'm fully committed to competing 'til I win it,
Now I'm all in a daze in the city,
Going through a phase,
Sipping O.J. and Vickey
Not-to-mention staying fully blazed with a Phillie,
Listening to Wu, Pac, Jigga, NaS and Biggie,
Yeah, it got pretty broke,
Got pretty weak,
So you don't really gotta point it out to me,
Man, everybody knows
It isn't what it seems,
I've got a clipped wing and
I'm about to scream,
I've really gotta get away from
this city,
All up in my brain, feeling shame feeling pity,
Stuck inside a maze and it rains all day, and now I'm hallucinating getting blazed with a semi

Chorus (Repeat)



Album: Kill The Radio (2004)
Album: eSCAPISM (2005)