Eli Charleston

Eli Charleston


Eli Charleston's Ragtime Band plays ragtime and blues reminiscent of the early 20th Century artists such as Blind Blake and Mississippi John Hurt, as well as modern day artists such as Leon Redbone. Eli's music is an up tempo happy-go-lucky nostalgic romp thru time for all ages.


Eli Charleston is a 1920's-style ragtime-blues guitarist from Chicago. In 2001, as a test of ever-changing American culture and homage to his predecessors, he began playing his brand of ragtime on the street corners of America. After years of wandering and picking, he honed his skills and scraped together enough money to produce his first album, "Ragged Time". After the release, he spent two years touring and gathering ideas for the upcoming release of the long awaited solo project, "Street Corner Rags". Eli prides himself in antiquity. Even at the ripe old age of twenty-five, he allows us all to remember a time when the world was worse than the present. However, even in post-depression America we seemed to try to sing a happy song and therein lay the beauty of this bittersweet music. Now, with the eminent release of "Street Corner Rags", Eli is preparing for a new tour in the not so distant future.


Send Her A Rose

Written By: Eli Charleston

Send her a rose
as an affirmation
of my love
Send her a rose
with a nose
I suppose
Send her a rose
a subtle declaration
of my love
One rose, for the day that I met her
plus a poem to remember whenever
I sent her a rose
for every day that passes by
Sleepless night, musing over her heavenly smile
A sleepless nght contemplating
my plight
A sleepless night lingering on her
impeccable style
One night, fighting for slumber
come the light, I'll be calling her number
One sleepless night, anticipated
for awhile
Don't wanna seem
so breathlessly anxious
Don't want to try to smother
your pride
but I must make
a single confession
if I came off quite collected
I lied
protecting our maturing security
but the truth is ailing me
and I do feel like
it's a brand new world
so with the rose
don't be counting the petals
you will know that I will love you
when I'm inviting you
to be my girl


Eli Charleston's Ragged Time

Set List

Send Her A Rose*
Eli's Cakewalk
Who Broke the Latch?
Playin' the Fool Again*
Baby Bumblebee
Nobody Knows You
Chasing My Tale*
Once and Done*
The Blues in the Night
Viper Mad Rag
The Sweat of Solid Ground*
Why Doncha Tell Me Watcha Wanna Say?*
Bobo Cobbler*
Pay Day
Slidin' Delta
Candyman Blues
Desert Blues
Obla Di, Obla Da
Lazy River
Wanna Be Like You
LuLu's Back in Town
Champagne Charlie
Diddy Wah Diddy
Hard Pushin' Papa
* Original
Sets are 45 min. each, typically 2-3 sets/show