Eli Cook

Eli Cook

 Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

" Natural and convincing, he has what it takes to be the best blues singer of his generation. " — ALL MUSIC GUIDE


Charlottesville, Virginia's best kept secret, Eli Cook, is about to leave home with his debut release of Miss Blues'es Child on Valley Entertainment. Paying homage to traditional delta blues and heroes such as Mississippi John Hurt and Robert Johnson, the new disc features little more than Cook's impressive guitar playing and gritty vocals. Listeners will take a double take at the CD cover when they hit the play button. The blues just aren't played like this anymore.

"I avoided a lot of twelve bar blues and went straight for the old-school, one-chord stuff, says Cook. "That's actually some of my favorite stuff, the eerie dark tunes by R.L. Burnside and Fred McDowell." Big names to be throwing around for a twenty year old from Charlottesville, Virginia.

Cook mixes up his own material with the old, down in the Delta-blues tracks. The title track sounds as if it could be a recently discovered venerable tune from a long ago era, but with a slightly updated quality. However, he's not just playing the same licks as his mentors, but adding his signature sound and style to a nearly lost art of the blues.

In addition to playing the dive bars and church revivals in his home area, Cook has graduated to opening for B.B. King, Shemekia Copeland, Johnny Winter, and has performed at the Ntelos Pavillion, The Birchmere, and at The Kennedy Center. He was featured in the September 2007 issue of Guitar Player Magazine. His own club shows are usually sold out as word of mouth continues to spread for this young blues prodigy.


Don't Ride My Pony---- from

Written By: Eli Cook C 2005 BMI

Old Man Death came ridin' one day,
Snapped his whip and drove my babe away.

Old Man death, take me down easy, Lord,
Take me down easy Lord,
Take me away...take me away...take me away...


Don't you ride my pony,
Don't you rob my mare,
Don't you steal my blind horse, boys,
Don't you take my share.
Don't you ride my pony,
Don't you rob my mare,
Don't you steal my blind horse, boys,
Don't you take my share.

Goin' down to that river bend,
Sink where the bottom ain't got no end.
Old Man Death, take me down easy, Lord,
Take me down easy, Lord,
Take me away...take me away...take me away...


Undertaker, when you lay me in that clay,
Last old words you gonna hear me say:
Old Man Death, take me down easy, Lord,
Take me down easy, Lord,
Take me away...take me away...


Roll On-----from ElectricHolyFireWater

Written By: Eli Cook C2007 BMI

Roll On

Blind man sittin’ in the subway light, carrying a sign that reads:
‘I can’t see but that’s alright, Truth is gonna set me free.’
Ain’t nobody here gonna help you out, cus’ ain’t nobody feel that strong.
But if you got a dollar you can do without, I’ll tell you now to get along:

Roll on, my son, keep on rollin’ on.

Well I been around the world just a time to two
And I seen the way the deal goes down–
I ain’t gonna tell you what you oughta do,
But what goes around comes around.
Here I raise a glass to the folks that pass,
And the children of the battleground,
Some folks lying, and some folks dying,
Some folks can’t be found.

chorus 2:
I heard it: ‘Click back cadillac’
‘Call a man a wet-back’
‘It’s just another social- economic set-back’
Momma cry
“Why’d your baby wanna die...?
Didn’t he wanna...Well, didn’t he wanna...”

I seen false pride, suicide, wanna take a slow ride
Didn’t they wanna...didn’t they wanna...
Gettin’ f------d up, knocked-up, throwed away and locked up,
Didn’t they wanna, didn’t they wanna...

Don’t think the time won’t come when time won’t pass you by.
Catch you sleepwalking with a loaded gun, call the angels up to testify.
Little bitty baby with his head hung low, weeping in the welfare line,
And everybody talkin’ 'bout the god they know, but is he any friend of mine?


MIss Blues'es Child (2005)
Valley Entertainment, Sledghammer Blues (2007
Miss Blues'es Child is the first solo/acoustic recording of Eli Cook. Recorded live and unedited in the studio, it contains four original blues-based tunes. Don't Ride My Pony is a rollicking musical joyride that leaves Ole Man Death in the dust, featuring sideman Patrick McCrowel on banjo. Miss Blues'es Child borrows its title from the poem by the renowned poet of the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes. The Highway Song, and Trick Bag are both classic contemplative blues compositions in which the guitar speaks with as much eloquence as the singer.
"Eli Cook is a twenty-year-old blues guitar wizard with genuine soul. His first acoustic recording consists of old and new songs played in the raw, live-sounding arrangements with little more than Cook's acoustic guitar and voice, plus banjo accompaniment by the stalwart Patrick McCrowell. Cook's playing is a joy, and his original songs fit smoothly with his thoughtful covers of Robert Johnson, Son House, traditional songs and the like...Cook's raucous take on Fixin' To Die shows his mastery of incessant, scratchy, electricity. By contrast, the satisfying, seven-minute-long Trick Bag, also an original, demonstrates his sensiitivity to the importance of empty space, something young performers don't usually develop so early in their careers...Cook's fine guitar work and top-notch material make this CD a very worthwhile listen. Eli Cook is a talent to reckon with."--Jon Sobel, pub. May 11, 2007 at blogcritics http://blogcritics.org/archinves/2007/05/11/20749.php
Available from Valley Entertainment

ElectricHolyFireWater (2007)
Eli Cook - Guitars and Vocals
Eric Yates - Bass
Jordan Marchini - Drums

More than a year in the making,
ElectricHolyFireWater offers a unique blend of relentless, bass-heavy blues metal. Eli Cook's Delta-blues vocals and lyrical imagery are served with punishing riff-rock and complex arrangements. Bassist Eric Yates and drummer Jordan Marchini give the high-energy performance that earn them the brand of the genuine power-trio.
Available at cdbaby

Moonshine Mojo (2004)
Moonshine Mojo is the debut recording of Eli Cook and The Red House Blues Band. Recorded live in the studio, the tracks on this album feature radical renditions of classic blues hits like Muddy Water's Mannish Boy, Hooker's Huckle Up, and Albert King's Crosscut Saw, as well as virtuoso guitar performances of Hendrix's Little Wing, and the little-known Jerry Reed two-step instrumental Kicky, previously recorded only by Chet Atkins. This album also features an original guitar compositon by Eli Cook, Easy Boogie.
Available at www.cdbaby.com

Set List

FOR SOLO SHOW: Typical sets are 90 minutes--two sets per full show.
Repertoire includes original compositions, plus vintage old-school blues of every kind including Piedmont cross-picked, North Country, and Delta slide, and gospel.

Sample Set
Terraplane Blues
Mama Don't Allow
Pay Day
Fixin to Die
Baby Please Don't Go
Poor Black Maddie
In my Time of Dyin
Hear My Train A'Comin

Band performs up to three hour shows, with one break. Repetoire may include classic blues, rhythm & blues, blues rock and original material. Some instrumentals.