We ar a christian rock band that plays music for Jesus. We love to play and are finally ready to go to the next level. Our calling on life is to play in this band and minister to yall, the fans, through hard hitting, heart-pounding, music.


Our story starts a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... LOL! just kidding. We started last year as a 6 member band, with T-dud on bass, B on vox and some dudes named Thomas and Timmy on guitar and Devan Wolz on drums. We switched to Justin Goad in December and then lost everyone except B, T-Dud, and Chomes(Justin). Then, we decided to add two more so in Fall of 2007, we added Cheesebricks(David) on guitar and Slim Jim(Noel) on bass. Then, in the first of '08 we decided to go back to just three, then we finally settled with Cheesebricks and Slim Jim coming back and now we are getting somewhere. Let's see what God has in store for us next...


We are writing two songs right now, along with working on a cover of Tears Don't Fall by Bullet for My Valentine. We have a cover of Jesus Freak and are well on our way to record.

Set List

Jesus Freak, and worship music. But now that we are working on 3 more songs, we will do those 4.