Strong, mulit-genre songwriting with a band made of former Jerry Garcia Band members and other Bay Area vets.



Elijah was born when Jerry died. Daniel Fretto and Craig Wright's first performance was a memorial for Garcia. Through various rhythm sections Elijah kicked up lots of dust in Southern Oregon and Northern California always maintaining the sublime interplay between Daniel and Craig's guitars and building a strong repertoire of original material. It was during several Elijah performances with Martin Fierro that Martin suggested taking this thing into the studio. He knew some players. Daniel had done his thing with Melvin. They all were into it. We spent a week in the studio in Berkeley, good ol' rock and roll style, (everything's put down live), eating burritos from the little place behind us and having a big time. If you know any of these guys on this record you know we did a lot of laughing that week.

Set List

We do three plus hour shows of almost all originals.
Covers range from jazz standards to r&b.