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Thank you for allowing me to do this custom critique for you. This track has a real unique vibe to it. The production on the track has a big/large feel to it. The drums are hard, and you've patterned the keys nicely. The MC has a rough, almost street feel to him vocally, yet lyrically he's spitting some nice thought provoking/knowledge dropping lyrics. I like how you've put a lot of meaning and depth behind them. The listeners will actually have to pay attention to what your rhyming about. The production also gives it a little more of a commercial feel to it. I don't think there's much that you could do on the production or lyrical tip to make this song any more polished. I also think your delivery patterns and vocals are strong. I'm definitely digging this track. What comes to mind since you asked is the marketability factor. There's a few key points you might want to think about in regards to this. Some of the topic that your spitting on might not be as relevant in 6months as it is today. For instance, the war in Iraq. The song can lose some of its power and meaning once the war is over. Also, very few socially conscious rappers have been able to work the attitude and street sound into the type of song your doing. Public Enemy and Ice Cube come to mind. Most of the time the tracks that have strongest social commentary are usually backed by some softer beats. For example Talib Kweli, Common, Mos Def etc. I think that if you are able to get this out quick enough, push it to radio now. It might be able to hit some mix-shows, and definitely you can work your college radio. College radio is always open to progressive thinking tracks like this. The industry is also changing (slowly) towards more substance behind the lyrics, and this track definitely fits that mold. I think that this is a pretty solid track with some great lyrics, nice delivery, and a strong beat. Work the niche market that it fits into right now. It will fit in nicely, and from there you can grow outwards. Obviously someone who listens to 50 or Snoop (or any of the superstar rap artists) might not get this at the first listen. The depth of the lyrics is strength and your weakness with this track. Work the strength that is there. Cats like Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, they all have that revolutionary type lyrical content. They've worked their markets nicely and I think this track could possibly do the same sort of thing. Keep up the hard work, and making this powerful music. Thanks again for letting me critique this for you.



Nathaniel, this league of extraordinary emcees can easily end the careers of many of the rappers out here relying on gimmick and substandard rhymes to make it. However, the only thing that truly seemed substandard was the music production for this particular song. The orchestra hits during the chorus and thin drum sounds truly bring a dated feel to the song. This demo quality beat doesn't add value to theses amazing emcees as it doesn't serve as the right platform worthy of launching their brand on a national/international scale. The beat makes one think 'I've heard this before,' in my opinion. Consider taking the time to make sure the beat is just as hot as the crew. Of course, sometimes an emcee can make a garbage beat sound OK (MISSY is good at that.....I guess). However, this group deserves to have great backing tracks as their skills, combined and individually, are on another level. Consider stacking the drums and adding more up to date percussive sounds to this beat to bring it current. Consider studying and comparing your production to other 'A list' artists/producers. Here's a SECRET that works EVERY TIME!!!
1- Make a list of the Top 40's Hip Hop/Crunk/Rap artists.
2- Download (itunes) or import these artists works into a burn session.
3- Without paying attention to the placement or track list, drag and drop your songs into the session.
4- Burn the CD
5- Go for a walk, workout, clean the house, or go for a ride while listening to the cd or ipod playlist. (using this music for the soundtrack of the day lol - going about your day without really paying attention to the track list or what's next)
6- When your song comes on, listen carefully to how it stacks up against Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Nas, Kanye, 8ball & MJG, Big Boi, etc.
7- Take note on how the beat doesn't knock as hard or how the vocals need to be EQ'd better (just examples)
8- Go back (after taking notes) and implement the changes and necessary edits.
Note: Comparing to the best can only yield great results!

This was a trick that I learned from a great producer and grammy award winning engineer! It works everytime....no doubt about it. - TAXI INDEPENDENT A&R CO.


Thank you for allowing me to do this custom critique for you. I hopefully will be able to address some of your concerns, and help make this song a little stronger. I think lyrically this is a strong track. You have some good depth behind what's being said, and you can hear the emotion behind it. My only concern in terms of the lyrical content would be that you mention the war in Iraq. A meaningful and big part of what's going on in the world today, however if the song comes out after the war is finished, you might want to think about re-working that little piece. Obviously if its not relevant in society anymore the song can sound a little dated, and then lose some of its marketability factor. The MC has a nice delivery and comes across clear and works the beat nicely. The track has some nice piano playing and seems to work well with the theme of the song. I do have another concern with how close together the intro chorus ends with the vocals of the first verse coming in. It seems a little too close together. You should space it just a little more. Not much, but enough to make it not sound as compressed as it is. Musically this is a good piece. You are asking about the marketability factor. There are a few things that you can do with this, depending on when it comes out. It isn't quite the type of song that mainstream/commercial radio would jump on right away. It would be something that you have to build with the dj's on to get a little bit of a stronger following. The content is good, the MC sounds nice and the beat is well structured. However it doesn't have the club/radio type feel. If you can work the strength of the lyrics and keep the timing of the release in a current time frame, you might be able to get some dj's to pick it up. I do think that it makes a good album cut, and could work as the b-side to a single. So there is potential if you look at it that. My only other concern is that at times the vocalist sounds a little out of tune. It could be the mix-down as the vocals don't seem to be matched up quite as good as they could be with the beat. Other then that, I really like what is being said and think this track has a good foundation behind it. Think about the few suggestions made, as I think it could even make the track a little stronger then it already. Keep up the good work, and thanks again for letting me listen to this. - TAXI INDEPENDENT A&R CO.


TO BE AWARE IS TO BE ALIVE ( les fortunate)
TO STAND STILL IS TO DIE (les fortunate)
CHANGE (eli)



Elijah Nathaniel Manning A.K.A ELI has been a fan first and foremost of Hip-Hop/ Rap music. ELI was raised between two of the most influential cities involved in HIP-HOP culture(L.A, CHICAGO). Although he spent majority of his child hood in Los Angeles ELI clearly found his organized drive in Chicago. After walking away from street hustling, he found peace in an alternative way to release stress. It was music that saved ELI's life and he's ready to show his appreciation.

The rehabilitation process a.k.a the REHAB is a direct reflection on ELI’s life and experience living in the streets (ghetto to ghetto). A plan to promote the REHAB on a national level is currently in progress. ELI is working hand and hand with QUIET STORM MANAGEMENT and a team of various vital companies in an effort to promote the album in different areas of the INDUSTRY. ELI and HOWARD ROSS of QUIET STORM INT. are in strategic negociatons with Arete Multimedia Inc., NiMbit, CDfreedom, ASCAP, BMI, and Selcto hits in developing a successful marketing plan.

Arete Multimedia Inc. is currently working on an aggressive independent radio and media awareness campaign for the album. Nimbit has teamed up with ASCAP to provide an affordable web site for the new project(www.underpzr.com). CDFREEDOM is offering digital distribution and mp3 downloads for sale through multiple services:(itoons, rhapsody, sony connect, emusic, sonic boom, groove mobile, sonicbids, and a mini store that will allow ELI to sell merchandise, and show tickets in advance).

Arete Multimedia is also acting publicity coordinators for the internet, trade magazines, newspapers, fanzines, and e-zines. An agreement is in negotiation with Selecto hits to cover independent retail distribution. The album is set to be released late summer 2008 on ELI’s own independent record label (UNDER PRESSURE RECORDS) and published by his own publishing Company(CONSCIOUS THOUGHTS/ ASCAP). ELI is Look forward to creative independents in a charge to bring content and originality back to the hip-hop community.