Elijah Bossenbroek

Elijah Bossenbroek

BandClassicalNew Age

A Grand Piano experience that is loved by all ages. All of the songs on this cd are songs which are drawn from personal experiences. Very open and honest music, deep and heartfelt. This is a cd that will stand the test of time.


Grew up playing piano at a very young age, I was playing in high scale restaurants at the age of 16. Then I went off and joined the Marine Corps and now just got out to put together a CD.


1. On The Wings

2. The Calm Before

3. Harmony In Disarray

4. Spinning Nowhere

5. A Song Of Simplicity

6. Promises

7. Humble Beginnings

8. Ignorance

9. Please

10. Everything's Just Fine

11. Leaps And Bounds

Set List

I can put on an amazing one hour show, also do background music for nice events.